How to Choose a Music Composition School

How to Choose a Music Composition School

Before deciding on a career in music composition, students should identify a goal and find a school that can offer the relevant degree as well as coursework for their desired career. Many schools offer master’s, bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in music composition. These programs prepare students for academic or practical work in creating concertos ensembles, contemporary scores, and other creative projects.

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Criteria for School Selection

When searching for a music composition courses, keep these things in mind:

  • If you are interested in teaching, you should consider a bachelor’s/master’s degree that includes teaching in order to be eligible for teaching positions in elementary or secondary schools.
  • Music composers who have specialized interests such as film scoring, computer-aided composition or musical theatre should search for programs that provide suitable curriculums.
  • Students may not have the ability to access certain equipment or instruments. Schools that offer on-site facilities for composition and performance can help students apply their musical arrangements to visual art.
  • Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor in Music Arts degrees programs usually pair students with one or two faculty members for musical and academic guidance. Look for schools with faculty who share the same interests and specialty.

Bachelor’s degree in music composition

For acceptance to a bachelor’s degree in music composition, applicants may need to audition or submit a portfolio. To graduate, you may need to do substantial work in a major piece or music composition, such as a recital or stage play.

Master’s degree in music composition

Master’s degree students have the option to concentrate in film score, stage play, or electronic music. A thesis research paper or composition is usually required for master’s degree students.

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Doctoral Degree in Music Composition

Music department faculty usually supervise doctoral programs in composition. Students can choose to focus on one of many disciplines such as ethnomusicology, music research, or orchestration. For graduation, a dissertation might be necessary.

You can study music composition at all levels, including master’s, doctorate and bachelor’s. Students should take into account the program’s specialty options, facilities on-site and faculty interests when choosing a program.