How to Choose a Fashionable Pair of Jeans that Fits Perfectly.

How to Choose a Fashionable Pair of Jeans that Fits Perfectly.

How to select a pair of Jeans that is Fashionable and perfect for your body type

Every man’s casual wardrobe needs a perfect pair of jeans that can suit him on various occasions. A man can either choose to dress up a pair or dress it down by selecting a suitable outfit and shoes. However, many denim jeans have a variety of styling. Some men still find difficulty in choosing a perfect fit for themselves. Some of the most common denim fits available for men include:

  • Skinny Jeans

These are the latest type of jeans that are designed with a tighter and narrower fit at the leg opening. They are a skinny fit from the hips to the legs and have a mid-flier. An example can be grey jeans styled with an orange, black, or white to attain the grey jeans outfit.

  • Loose Jeans

The loose jeans style is a baggy fit. These jeans are very roomy, with space between the jeans and the legs, thighs, and butt. Khaki jeans for men are a perfect style for the loose jeans style. Khaki jeans are wearable with many secondary colors and neutral colors.

  • Slim jeans

Slim jeans are made to fit perfectly without being too tight or too loose. The leg opening is, however, narrow as in the skinny jeans style.

  • Relaxed jeans

These jeans have a loose fit such that they do not hug any part of your body. 

  • Regular jeans

This type of jeans is not designed to have narrower bottoms, and they are straight from the waist to the leg opening. The leg opening is always a bit wide and falls straight to the bottom part. 

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Things to consider when purchasing perfect denim pants. 

  • The rise

This is the length from the crouch area to the waist part of the jeans. Different sizes are recommended for varied body types. For example, a pair of jeans with high rise is best for men with bigger bodies. The low crouch is preferred by guys who wear saggy styles, while the medium-rise is best for men who like to tuck in their shirts.

  • The size

Size is critical when purchasing a jeans fit. Some of the standard sizes are given in terms of, e.g., 32*34 meaning that the waist size of the jeans is 32 while the inseam length is 34(length from a crouch to the floor of the inside leg).

Other factors to consider include.

  • Possibility to alter the length of the pants.
  • The stretch of the jeans
  • Type of wash, e.g., vintage wash, stone wash, and acid wash.
  • Weight of jeans material of the pants.


Buying a perfect jeans type that matches your body type and fits your style perfectly can be challenging for most men since they do not understand how to meet the latest trending styles. Selecting your sense of style is vital since different styles, and types of jeans offer different feels and designs.