How to Achieve Pampered Party Feet at Home

How to Achieve Pampered Party Feet at Home

I have a Carrie Bradshaw dilemma, no no I’m not talking about throwing my toys out of the pram because my best friend won’t sell her engagement ring and give me the money to buy a flat (I hate that episode). I am talking about that one episode of Sex and The City where she attends a party and has to take her shoes off. You see for the last few years there has been this one day in the festive season where several events land on the same day and the end of which sees me arrive, late in the evening at an event where the hostess has a “no shoe home”. Let me tell you now, my feet are generally not ready for a “no shoe home” even with socks but after a day in not-suitable-for-socks fancy shoes, my feet are so far from ready for exposure it is unreal. Occasionally the fear of this day will have me running to the beautician for the humiliating yearly pedicure where they chastise me for the general state of my feet. Then I hand over the fee and by way of apology for showing them my feet, I slip them a large tip whilst averting their gaze and hope never to see the in the street. No more dear reader, no more. I’m taking control of my trotters (and my purse!) and I shall prance into that “no shoe home” with pride for my freshly preened and perfectly pampered party feet.

How to achieve pampered party feet at home

The basics

1. Buff off the dead skin

I’ve used all manner of pumice stones and foot files in the past and they have been fine. They have removed a good amount of dead skin but nothing ground breaking. Enter the Scholl Velvet Smooth which is an amazing little gadget coated in diamond particles designed to file away the dead skin in no time at all. I will be honest and say I thought this kind of thing was totally over hyped but having used it for the past week I can’t believe what a difference it makes to my terribly dry and manky feet. The above image shows the difference after just one use, yep sorry for the grim foot shot but it really is hard to explain the difference without a visual. Yes, yes you will see a good amount of dust fly off your feet (best to do it into an empty bath in my opinion) which is not dissimilar to those little posts of Parmesan from the early nineties but it is so, so worth it. You can currently pick up the gadget in the Scholl Velvet Smooth Glam & Pedi Gift Set which comes with two Revlon polishes. If you have relatives asking what you would like for Christmas but you have no idea what to ask for, ask for this – it is amazing.

2. Deal with nails

This bit is easy. Trim your nails back to a good length and file into a straight line. Push back your cuticles with an orange stick and if needed remove any excess skin.

3. Smooth and soothe the skin

Use a good foot scrub like the Bare Foot Peppermint & Plum Foot scrub to exfoliate your feet and legs. Then follow up with a foot cream such as the Soothing Foot Lotion from Superdrug’s own range. This Shea butter and vitamin E product is light enough to use before putting your shoes on because it isn’t heavy nor thick and it absorbs quickly plus like many of these products it is incredibly purse friendly for such an effective item.

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4. Pop of colour

The star on top of your party feet (yes your feet are a Christmas tree in this scenario) is an lick of nail polish. Pop a cotton wool ball between your toes to ensure your toes don’t bash into each other and mess up your artistry.
A pop of colour on your pale, winter feet instantly freshens them up and makes them acceptable – even in “no shoe home”.

Protect your partying feet

1. Cushioning

We’ve all had one those evenings where our feet have bested us and we’ve heaved ourselves into a taxi early in night because we just couldn’t take the pain any longer. Cushioning products and shields are the way, I’m telling you. I have several sets of products like the Superdrug Ball-Of-Foot Cushions and the Superdrug Heel Shields because they work. Some stay in my hand bag because you never know when a day out shopping with friends will turn into an all nighter and who wants to ruin spur of the moment fun with sore feet? And others live inside those pairs of shoes I adore but for some reason hate both me and my feet and as such are determined to perform torture upon them unless permanently lined with protection.

2. Protection

I could write a whole book (okay, okay maybe just a blog post) about my love for products like the Superdrug Blister Plasters. I wouldn’t be without them and consider them an essential mini investment for happy, pain free feet. My friend used to mock me for always carrying blister plasters around with me, saying “just use a normal plaster, blister plasters are a con.” That was until she got the start of what could become a corker of a blister on her heel and I handed her one of my much mocked supplies. Half an hour later she admitted defeat and bowed down to the superiority of the humble blister plasters.

Post Party Pamper

1. Rinse

Kick off those shoes, head to the bathroom and rinse your feet in some lovely warm, soapy water.

2. Massage

Demand a foot massage from your loved one using a lovely soothing product like the Bare Foot Lemon & Sage Foot Balm. This will calm not only your danced-out feet but help your feet look beautiful and party ready for a lot longer.

3. Cosy

Wrap up those gorgeous feet in your favourite pair of thick, cosy socks. Now go and enjoy your lovely pampered party feet safe in the knowledge you didn’t have to get your feet out in public for a pedicure and you still have lots of product left over to keep your feet looking swish for ages to come. Get your feet ready to dance their way through the party season. Whether it’s some gel cushions for your new strappy high heels or a lotion to massage dry skin, Superdrug have a range of products help pamper and comfort your feet.