How Netflix Saves Us Money

How Netflix Saves Us Money

Ah Netflix, how I love thee let me count the ways. As self-confessed telly addicts, Netflix has become a firm favourite working here at Thrifty Towers and it has resulted in us saving a hefty chunk of cash each month. Last year we took a look at our cable/phone/internet package because we had previously had a really (really, really, really) good deal due to a discount through Mr Thrifty’s work place. We hadn’t been receiving the hefty discount for about 6 months and our monthly outgoings had shot up as a result.

So we sat down for a moment and realised we could watch television and film in other far cheaper ways and didn’t need the bells and whistles package (which we had been getting for the price of the cheapest package for 4 years) so we switched things about. We phoned up our provider and after a bit of a tussle, negotiated better broadband, dropped our cable package down to the one above Freeview (which oddly gave us a swish new TiVo box and was cheaper than just dropping cable altogether and paying for only landline and internet) and dropped all of the ‘free’ evening and weekend calls from our landline because we both have great call plans on our mobiles. We are saving £56 per month right there. PER MONTH!

This coincided with a sharp rise in our Netflix viewing, which costs us only £5.99 a month which is almost £3 less than the price of a cinema ticket at our nearby cinema and considerably less than fifty bloody six pound per month. I’m probably a bit of evangelist when it comes to Netflix but it is bloody fantastic and we wouldn’t be without it. We previously used and whilst we really liked it, they removed some of the movies/ comedies series I was watching and it was a pain to marry it up with AppleTV so we ditched it in favour of Netflix.

I think which is the best between the two changes every few months due to renewed my licences and updates to their catalogues so it is worth staying on top of what they’re each offering if you’re worried about missing out. You can also grab free trials too, so if you hate either service it’s easy to ditch without a commitment. You can grab a Just put a reminder in your diary to make a decision the day before the trial sheer number of amazing TV series and films list we have access to is staggering and we’ve all but stopped buying DVDs or attending the cinema in favour of watching at home or inviting friends over for film marathons. Even when we had the best cable package we were unable to access even 1/8th of the content we can now.

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We watch Netflix not only on our internet devices like laptops, phones and tablets but also on our TV (which, by the way, Mr Thrifty got free with his cheap mobile phone package last year) using  which is a device from Apple that allows you to access all kinds of internet streaming wizardry through your TV by download some app. AppleTV is fairly expensive at £99 but I bought it for Mr Thrifty’s birthday a couple of years ago and it has to be one of the best things to ever enter our flat. It has more than paid for itself and is used every day, without fail. EDIT – A couple of people on Twitter have let me know Groupon currently have. We also use which allows us to access all Netflix regions (the UK versions seems utterly rubbish once you access the likes of US and Canada’s catalogues) meaning we can view thousands more titles than are available on the UK version.

The service costs only $4.99 per month and turns Netflix into an amazing resource. There are also Google Chrome extensions, like  which can help you with VPNs and proxy for free too. Some people have questioned the legality of sites like these however all research I have done with regards these websites and UK law suggests it is perfectly legal at this point in time – however I must stress that this law could change at anytime and I am not legally qualified and this is not legal advice. Our regular TV viewing has gone down to Coronation Street, the occasional property shows, Newsnight and inexplicably Gilmore Girls re-runs even though I own it on DVD. Everything else is watched either via catch up TV websites/apps like BBC Iplayer or 4OD or via Netflix and at a considerable saving.


TV Licence: £12.13
TV portion of cable/internet/phone: £68 (IK,R? had previously paid around £15)

Total: £80.13Now:

TV Licence: £12.13
TV portion of cable/internet/phone: £12
TiVo installation (one off payment) £50 ÷ 12: £4.16
Netflix account : £5.99
Unblock US $4.99 at current exchange: £3

Total: £31.29

I haven’t included AppleTV in the costing simply because it was a gift however it is a a further £8.25 per month (for 12 months only) if you want to add it to the cost. So if you’ve got satellite or cable and you want to slash your outgoings but still enjoy TV and films it is well worth looking at getting rid of or reducing your package and opting for an internet streaming option. As long as your broadband supply is good, you could change the way you consume media and your monthly outgoings forever!