Homemade Green Tea Facepack

Homemade Green Tea Facepack

This is a quick, cheap and easy recipe for a green tea facepack. It makes sense that something so good for your insides is good for your skin too. So make up this homemade facemask and feel it tingle your skin.

What you will need –

– Half a small teacup of warm green tea (around 40-50ml)
– 5tbsp of Bicarbonate of Soda (plus some extra to have on hand)

Method –

1. Boil your kettle and make up a teacup of green tea. Do not allow to stew or it will smell like fish, bleugh, no one likes a fishy face.
2. Rest, relax and drink half the cup of tea.
3. Pour the rest of the tea into a small bowl and add 4tbsp of the bi carb, mix in with a small spoon or spatula until it forms a paste.
4. Drain off any excess liquid and add the last tbsp of bi carb, stirring quickly (you may need to add more on top of the last tbsp of bi carb, it’s a fussy mixture).
5. Smooth onto face avoiding the eye and mouth (keep stirring the mixture as you apply or it will become sloppy – add more bi carb if it does) and allow to dry – no more than 2-3minutes.
6. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

I wouldn’t recommend this facepack to anyone with an active skin condition, sore spots or broken skin because it could sting a little, other than that it is quite gentle, even if it does tingle a tad.

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