Homemade Christmas Vouchers

Homemade Christmas Vouchers

In an age where time rich services are offered at a premium, such services make great Christmas gifts and cost you little more than a bit of time and energy. Rather than spending on a gift, fashion a homemade Christmas voucher and offer your time for your specific skill set. One of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever had was a voucher for 6 hours ironing. I buy cheap blank card stock or index cards for next to nothing in places like The Works and Poundland and draw on a fun design or get creative with some old Christmas cards or free ribbon on the front then write or print the voucher on the other side.

What to write 

You can also add things such as a notice period to the voucher so that people aren’t phoning you to come over and babysit their children 3 hours before the time they need you.

Services you can offer

  • Cleaning time
  • Crochet lessons
  • Babysitting hours
  • Bike tune ups
  • Ironing time
  • Car washing
  • Music lessons
  • IT lessons
  • Sewing lessons
  • Knitting lessons
  • Gardening time
  • Baking lessons
  • Make up lessons
  • Manicure
  • A specific number of baked goods at a time of their choosing through out the year.
  • Clothes mending
  • DIY hours

What can you offer that people need or will enjoy? It doesn’t have to be something you’re qualified (although don’t go giving electrician etc. time if you’re not appropriately trained) in but if you’re able to play the guitar at a decent level why not teach someone how to play their favourite song? If giving someone vouchers for a lesson why not include something to go with it, a starter kit almost? I recently gave my friend a voucher for crochet lessons for her birthday I included 2 balls of yarn, a crochet hook (which cost less than a fiver combined) and small a crochet blanket I had made for her from scraps of wool. She proclaimed it the best gift she’d ever received.

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Gift Voucher Ideas for children

Home cinema night. Allow the child to choose a date – mark on the voucher that they must give 2 weeks notice – just for your sanity – and invite a few friends over to watch a couple of films with popcorn. Sleepover voucher. Favourite meal night. Is your child a pizza lover or do they adore bangers and mash? Give them a voucher for their favourite meal as a stocking filler. Picnic voucher. Breakfast in bed. Remember to stipulate on the voucher that it is for a weekend only unless you want to be frying eggs on a Wednesday morning before school. A trip to the museum of their choice. Bundle up a guide to all of the local museums and attach the voucher. Most museums are free but they child doesn’t need to know that!