Homemade anti-redness mask

Homemade anti-redness mask

My skin comes in either the pale, freckly and blotchy variety or the red, freckly and blotchy variety. I’m a fan of neither but the redness annoys me just that bit more.

When I was getting my eyebrows waxed recently, the woman doing it commented on my red skin (so relaxing) and mentioned that they do anti-redness treatments which ‘are basically just sour cream and moisturiser.’ I’m sure more goes into her salon grade potions than just sour cream but I thought I’d give it a go at home.

I simply mixed together 20ml sour cream with 5ml of my regular day time moisturiser and slowly smoothed over my skin allowing to sink in and set.¬† I left it on my skin for a good 45 minutes before removing with a wet face cloth. My skin actually looked redder whist the mixture was on my skin which was worrying but because it didn’t tingle or heat up in anyway I left it to work its magic.

You know what? I’m thrilled with the results more so than any other ‘homemade’ face mask I’ve tried before. Immediately I noticed the skin on my cheeks was pink rather than the usual bright red. It also felt supple and happy – yes happy (does that make sense?) My skin felt good and happy all at once – which is the first time that has happened since I was about seven.

Of course the anti-redness didn’t last forever but I’m pleased to report it dulled the redness for 3-4 days even with my normal skincare routine.

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P.S. As with all milk based products, sour cream is a lactic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid or AHA – which speed the removal of the top layer of skin cells-ish), so make sure to wear sunscreen after you use this mask.