Home selling myths you need to stop believing

Home selling myths you need to stop believing

We are living in times of abundant information and it seems like everyone has advice about everything in the market. Talking specifically about home selling, most information related to this, available both online and offline, is taken at a face value. Even though it is completely unsubstantiated, it is still assumed to be correct. But remember, you are not selling your smartphone or expensive gadget here, we are talking about selling one of life’s most expensive asset-your home. 

Summer is the best time to sell your house: Ask yourself this simple question, is there even such a thing? As per the statistics, summer and spring are popular periods where most people put their property on the market but you can get the job done in any season provided you do the home staging correctly and find the right buyers. 

Property’s selling price is set by the seller itself: Many home sellers might have this impression that their house is worth XYZ amount. Sure, you will be the one making the final decision at what price you will be selling your home but contrary to the popular myth, the actual selling price is subject to your house location, its size, and other external factors such as market conditions. To arrive at a successful sale, ensure there isn’t much variation between the initial asking price and the final selling price.

I don’t need to prepare my home for sale: The Majority of home buyers prefer to buy a move-in-ready home but at the same time, they want certain things to be undone which they can do for themselves. For example, you can skip wall painting given the new homeowners will have their own choice but you should check whether the roof is leaking or not, or is there anything else that demands repair before listing your property. The best way to approach this situation is to check out comparable listings in your neighborhood and see what works for you to compete in the market. 

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Not once you should think that just because your house is clean, you don’t need to stage it. Through proper home staging, you could make your house appeal to a broad range of tastes that can help you fetch more price than you have in your mind. 

Choose a real estate agent to close the deal quickly: If you want to sell your house quickly against cash then choosing a real estate agent is not a wise option. Instead, choose a home-buying company that will buy your property in any condition and pays up in cash while handling all the paperwork by themselves. All you need to do is advertise “Sell my house Spokane or any area you live in” and they will contact you with the right offer. This type of transaction suits those people who are in a hurry to sell the house in a jiffy and want fast cash. Don’t forget when you put your house on the market, there are several day-to-day inconveniences one has to face such as putting away personal photos, hiding pets, etc. A credible experienced home-buying company will make sure you don’t have to disrupt your schedule.

Many of the abovementioned selling myths have been ingrained in people’s minds so much so that some of us aren’t even bothered to verify the information. Due to this, these are still regarded as hardcore truths by home sellers. But, considering we are talking about selling your house and you do not want to make that decision based on these home selling myths. Hence, do your homework and make sure you separate fact from fiction. If you are wondering how I can sell my house in Spokane quickly, then there are some tips first-time home sellers should know about.