There are many Home Inspector in Jacksonville FL. Some are very good, while others are less so. Some have a lot of experience, while others are not as experienced. While some will boast about how many reviews they have, others will downplay their experience and qualifications beyond what is required for a home inspector license. It is hard to believe that a home inspector with only a few years of experience can accumulate hundreds of excellent reviews.

Around 40 home inspectors were working in Jacksonville/St. Augustine/Orange Park. Today, there are more than 900. This is a lot of home inspectors! Many of these inspectors are very good at marketing. Many have entered the home inspection field based on their relationships with other real estate agents. These home inspectors are often happy to refer friends to other real estate agents. It’s like high school cliques – it’s great for the people in the group but not for those outside. It isn’t always a good idea for home buyers as the referral agent may not be the best based on their experience and qualifications. You might want to ask your agent if they are referring home inspectors who are not qualified.

The Jacksonville metro area, which includes St. Augustine and St. Johns Beaches, St. Johns and Clay County, is very competitive for home buyers. Today’s resale inventory is 43% lower than last year, and buyers actively compete for homes. This is a great time to sell and a bad time to buy, especially if VA financing is used. It is unfortunate, as our local market has a large military presence. This discourages many veterans from making offers, especially if it is higher than the list price. A good tip for veterans is that if you are able to meet the payment criteria for the larger offer, the home might appraise above list price. It may be worth it!

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Buyers are usually only allowed to inspect the offer within five days. Five days is all it takes to ensure you’re not buying a cash pit. You have limited time and can’t waste your time on unqualified home inspectors. To address all concerns, you need a licensed and insured home inspector.

It would help if you chose a home inspector who is:

  1. So they can help you with structural issues. Is he a licensed General Contractor?
  2. You are a licensed mold assessor and will be able to determine the significance of mold/moisture if any is found.
  3. It is a Level II, EIFS/Stucco Inspector . If you have any questions, you don’t need to hire a stucco specialist.
  4. You will not need to refer anyone outside for termite/insect problems.
  5. Your inspector must also be a licensed home inspector. You will get real experience if you choose an inspector with a lower state license than 8000.