Here are the latest work uniform trends which will be big this year!

Here are the latest work uniform trends which will be big this year!

It’s always been blue or white shirts, or black blazers, polo shirts, when we come to think of work uniforms. However, just like everything else in the world, and every other fashion genre in the industry, work uniform trends are evolving, and how! Gone are the days of the classic white shirts and polo t-shirts which necessarily meant work-wear trends. Well, promotional apparel and work uniforms have come a long way since their idea came into existence. A great work uniform has superpowers to achieve a lot. A great work uniform could unite your staff and could make them look professional both in and outside the workplace. But that doesn’t mean you have to ask them to wear just polo t-shirts anymore. Trends in corporate wear are shifting towards a sense of humour, fun, as well as illusions and surprises with the design. Well, you must be wondering where to start. Well, designing a great work wear uniforms are based on the idea that it should be fun, unique, and wearable. So, say goodbye to your plain, average t-shirts, and polo t-shirts which have logos that are too small and too shy to say hello. Today, it’s all about making it big and noticeable. So you need to create a standout design for your corporate uniforms and Uniform Store helps you do just that. They make sure to supply top quality uniforms all over Australia, and provide the facility of progressive discounts. The more you order, the cheaper you pay.

Uniform trends which are redefining work apparel this year

What comes to your mind when you think of apparel for your company? You need to decide on the purpose, whether it’s for a corporate event, or staff uniforms or trade shows, or client gifts that builds brand awareness. If you are thinking of ordering the same polo t-shirts as always, it’s time to go for a change. Before you refresh your company’s corporate image, there are certain hot and upcoming trends which you need to consider. Trends need to be always given a priority, whether we are talking about work uniforms or basketball uniforms or any kinds of uniform here.

  • Staff-friendly styles: Gone are those days when you had to reluctantly wear those hideous outfits to work. Nowadays, work uniforms are such which can be proudly and stylishly worn even outside the workplace such as in trade shows, networking events, meetings etc. You need work uniforms having the fabric and cuts which make it super comfortable to work in and also last long.
  • Customized details: You can’t be distributing work wear with just a logo slapped on it. You could rethink your ideas of branding and customization. You could add a custom pocket to the apparel which showcases and unique print or pattern. You could add custom buttons or contrast cuffs in colours of the brand. Customizations have no limits, whatsoever.
  • Capsule trend: You could let your work uniforms get inspired by the capsule wardrobe trend. It basically means the collection of a few must-have fashion items that never go out of trend and can be mixed and matched to create new looks. Uniforms of this year will allow the employees to pair them with complementing pieces to create a different, stylish look for each day of the week.
  • Make a statement: Your work uniforms are a great way to make a memorable impact and a strong style statement. When you are designing new work uniforms, you need something that describes, and presents the brand in a bold, fun, eye catchy way. You could do so with a statement feature or even a bold accessory. The choice is all yours.
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So, these are some of the hottest trends which you need to take into account while going for rebranding or the design of new work wear. These shall give the perfect makeover to your work uniforms and make sure that your investment is well worth it. We are definitely joining your business if you tick the above points.