Heaven or  Dream? Vintage Village

Heaven or Dream? Vintage Village

I visit a lot of vintage fairs and events, a lot, seriously – a lot. And for the most part they’re good but not quite ‘there’. The vibe can be a bit ‘meh’, the stock a tad lacking or the entrance price expensive, I never seem to attend an event that strikes the right balance on all fronts.

Enter Vintage Village in Stockport. I’d seen a lot of people on Twitter talking about the monthly event but I had been unable to make it there until this weekend. The event takes place in Stockport’s frankly beautiful Market Hall and is jammed, packed full of quality vintage and craft stalls. I stress the point quality because at many vintage or craft events there are, quite honestly, more than a fair share of ropey traders passing off crap as vintage and badly stitched rubbish as craft. I know I’m not the only one to think it and it is certainly part of the reason that I don’t bother spending time and money attending a lot of vintage fairs anymore. I could write a whole other post about that but I’ll leave it for another time. A more ranty time.

I’m wondering if the people who run Vintage Village perhaps slipped their stallholders some ‘uppers’ in their morning cups of tea? They were all genuinely enthused to be at the event, to be selling their wares and to be amongst people with a passion for vintage like them. Mr Thrifty and I spent a great amount of time chatting with stallholders, hearing tales of where the items had come from (or even dug up from in one case), what their use had been in a time gone by and lots of vintage buying secrets.

Entry to the event was £1, I know some people are a bit funny about paying into these kinds of events but given the fact that I’ve paid around £2-3 to enter most small sized vintage fairs I don’t think a pound is too bad. Your pound will not be wasted. This particular pound, I believe, means the dross is cut out and the good stuff showcased. Other vintage fairs – take note (Okay, okay I will write that ranty post soon).
There’s not much you can’t buy at Vintage Village, ranging from vintage clothes and linens through to books, magazines, shoes and bags. Oh and homewares, argh the homeware! I swear at one point I pinched myself. Was I dreaming? Was I perhaps dead? Surely this is a dream-like state or I’ve elevated myself to heaven? I’m almost hyperventilating thinking about it. I think I wanted to buy around 80% of the items I saw. It’s rare that an event has so many things I want and can afford.

  • I came away, having spent my budget of  with
  • 2 tablecloths,
  • 2 dresses, a scarf, a bag,
  • 4 sandwich plates,
  • 2 woolen ties and a tie pin for Mr Thrifty,
  • 3 records, a hat,
  • 3 Victorian bottles, a bowl, a small  plate,
  • 2 necklaces,
  • 2 hair slides and a hanging heart made from vintage fabric. Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff for , huh?
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I’m sad today, I’m mourning all those months that I didn’t get to pop along to the Vintage Village. I’m already saving my spendy buttons up for next month and the month after that and the month after that and the month after that…

Vintage Village is held at Stockport’s Market Hall, the 2nd Sunday of every month from 10am-4pm. Let me know if you’re popping along to the next one, we’ll meet for cake and tea.