Granny Gifts – 5 Wonderful Gift Ideas To Show Your Grandmother How Much You Care

Granny Gifts – 5 Wonderful Gift Ideas To Show Your Grandmother How Much You Care

What type of gift do you get for the matriarch of your family? Shopping for a grandparent is definitely a tall order and it can feel like nothing is good enough. When it comes to buying gifts for loved ones, the best thing is to just keep it simple.

Not only that, but you’re probably one of many grandchildren who’s shopping for a gift and you want yours to be unique and sentimental. Here are some gifts that’ll help you express just how much you love and appreciate your grandma without breaking the bank:

  • Customized family cookbook

Your grandmother takes pride in her recipes and probably breaks out her best cookware sets at every family gathering.

While her handwritten recipe book might be a prized family heirloom, the fact that it has dog ears and barely legible words means that it’s time to transfer this precious knowledge onto a more modern and safer format.

Cue the personalized cookbook. It’s an heirloom journal with enough space to include current and future family recipes. Get the whole family involved in this one to collect all of your family’s ancient recipes into one prized yet modern family heirloom that your grandmother can proudly pass down to future generations.

Not only is this a generous gift but it’s incredibly personal because it involves the whole family.

  • Scent-infused slippers

You may have noticed that most seniors (your grandmother included) tend to wear sweaters and socks all year round- even in warmer temperatures.

That’s because the elderly often suffer from conditions like neuropathy, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. These conditions cause a lack of circulation and cold sensation to the extremities.

Instead of buying your grandmother another pair of random cutesy slippers, get her scent-infused ones instead. In your gift note, encourage her to chuck them in the microwave before she wears them so she can get the most out of her gift.

  • Cozy knit blanket
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Most grandmothers enjoy nothing more than to sit on the porch reading, knitting or just gazing into the distance at her garden. Make sure she stays cozy in the evenings with a snug knit blanket.

There are some chic options out there with chunky knit patterns and lightweight designs. They are large enough to completely cover the legs and come in several colors.

  • Customized necklace

Get a customized birthstone necklace made for your grandmother, with your family name engraved onto it. You can choose between silver, rose gold, gold and copper chains depending on your grandma’s favorite metals.

Fully customize it with her grandchildren’s birthstones and initials. Or you can get all of her grandchildren’s fingerprints sized down and engraved on the necklace. This is a wearable gift that she’ll cherish and enjoy for years to come.

  • Home cleaning services

Whenever you celebrate a birthday or holiday meal at your grandmother’s house, make it a point to hire a cleaning service that’ll clean up for her after the party so she can kick back in her scented slippers while the pros deep clean her entire house.

Make sure you get a good quality cleaning company that’ll meticulously clean her house from top to bottom including the kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles and window tubs.

Your grandmother is one of the most important people in your life. She’s the one who wraps you up in a warm hug whenever you feel blue, bakes you unrivaled cookies and gives tirelessly to those around her. She deserves a magnificent gift, and hopefully, we’ve given you a few good ideas.