Getting Every Drop

Getting Every Drop

These are fairly simple because once you can squeeze no more out just cut the top off the packaging and get the product out from the top or side. I seal inbetween use with a clothes peg or food ties.

Stand them upside down. If you open our fridge you’ll find every bottle stored upside down and the same goes for in our bathroom too. It is more efficient than banging and shaking the bottle for 2 minutes plus it really does allow all of the product to drop down. Once I struggle to get anymore out using this method I’ll move onto cutting the bottles open or using the final method below. If your bottles have small lids which makes balancing them upside down a bit of a nightmare I find using an old mug really works.

I might be the only one who does this but you know the pump bottles which have the long tube inside the bottle? Well I take the pump out and stick a cotton bud, or unfurled paperclip up the tube and usually, depending on the product, find at least one more use buried deep inside.

Glass bottles
For the most part  turning them upside down works but I have a few foundations in glass bottles with little pump nozzles which just WILL NOT be budged. I’ve tired near on everything short of smashing them open and I really don’t want to do that in case I get glass into the product. Mmmm glass face. If a little bit more accessable than the nozzled bottles, I will often squeeze a little face lotion into the glass foundation bottles and give it a good hard shake, I tend use it as a tinted moisturiser.

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My freebie spoon
Right this is going to sound mad but I have this spoon, it’s just a plastic teaspoon but I’ve had it since I was at uni. My flatmates used to call it my ‘freebie spoon’ because often I could be found running the spoon around the edges of tubs and into tubes and bottles.
I still continue that practice now. The spoon sits in the drawer with my make up brushes (and unfurled paper clip) and if I need to get something extra out of a product then I’ll happily get in there with my spoon.

My favourite trick is to add just a little vinegar and give the bottle a damn good shake. The product tends to come away from the sides a little better.