Get Cape, Wear Cape, Walk To Work

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Walk To Work

Capes are on trend for A/W  and I’ve been lusting after them since I saw them floating down various catwalks. I wanted one, craved one, lusted after one but a.) I’m broke(ish) and b.) I’m fat and couldn’t fit half a single boob in the designer versions. Really rather glumly and grudgingly I boxed capes off and told myself I wouldn’t be getting one

It was on the floor having fallen off the hanger. I tripped over it, thought it was a blanket (I’m under strict instructions not to buy any more blankets, so put it back almost blindly) but noticed the zip and my heart started to race. I knew what it was, I knew! A Cape!

There was no price tag attached, so I dashed to the desk and the guy at the till had to ask three people, yes three whole people how much it was. I was tapping my foot silently to myself whilst I waited seven whole minutes, I may have even sighed. Rude bitch huh?
£12. A little more than I’d usually pay for second hand but considering I’d been eyeing up capes ranging between £67 and £780, £12 is a mere drop in the ocean.

I don’t think that’s bad for something I was desperate for, for something that will warm me all winter long and something so timelessly beautiful, do you?

I think it might be part of an old nurse uniform (but if you know another possible story behind it please do let me know). I’m just in love with it. It’s 100% wool, navy blue with a red wool lining and red arm trim plus a big, fat, chunky zip up the front.

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The bag is also new (to me) found in a vintage shop for £3, it’s the perfect size for my netbook, notepads and other work bits when I dash off on the train.

Cape, Oxfam – £12
Bag, Vintage – £3
Tights, Marks and Spencer – £8
Brogues, Primark – £12
Beautiful autumnal park, outside my front door – free

Have you found a ‘meant to be’ item recently?