Functional Beauty

Functional Beauty

The cup was the jar was given to me by my aunt at Christmas about three years ago. It was filled with homemade biscuits and cookie cutters.

She knows her audience, my aunt, doesn’t she?

I don’t like my baking goods to be stored in their paper bags because they tend to split when used often, so most of my flours and sugars (and we have A LOT) are kept in kilner jars (and I need scoops because if I try and pour something, especially a powder, I end up with half of the contents decorating my kitchen worktops).The icing sugar is kept in this jar, well, just because it’s what I had clean and empty when I bought the sugar home from the shop. I’ve searched high and low for the perfect scoops for food over the years but have failed to find anything that I really want to invest my money in. Que this little cup.

Quite the perfect little scoop if ever there was one. 10 pence in my favourite charity shop. The price and the fact that it was sitting on the shelf alone meant it had to come home with me. I find it hard to leave single items that would once have been part of a set sitting there all alone, overlooked by other shoppers.
A kitchen can be about both function and form (sorry Le Corbusier!) This scoop does two things, it pleases my eye and performs it’s vital job of icing sugar scoop very well.
Use cups, jugs and small jars in your kitchen for a spot of cheap, functional beauty.

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