Experts Answer 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Damascus steel Rings!

Experts Answer 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Damascus steel Rings!

Damascus steel is a unique metal alloy that has taken the world of knives by a storm. Now, the same knife makers have also found a use for the same alloy in the jewellery world. Even the jewellery experts are finding it an interesting alloy to work with. The fact remains that Damascus steel is a new kind of metal in the jewellery industry. So, it is obvious that many are still doubtful of Damascus steel! The most popular use of this metal in the world of jewellery is for rings. A Damascus steel ring from Perkin Knives is just one simple example! There are many more stores that have a vast collection of such beautiful rings. But, the Damascus steel experts are here to solve certain frequently asked questions that you may have in your mind. 

FAQ s about Damascus Steel Rings finally answered by Experts

If you are considering using Damascus steel jewellery, then it is obvious that you may have some questions in your mind! The problem that arises when these questions remain unanswered is that the customers may turn away from the amazing Damascus steel. So, the experts want to solve all these queries for you. Here are some questions that they answer for you:

1.  Will the Damascus steel rust or get corroded easily?

The Damascus steel rings will never corrode or rust up! The fact that the metals are heated properly takes away the chances of corrosion and rust. Understand this that the Damascus steel is used for sharp knives. If it corroded and rusted easily, then it could never have been used as a hardy knife material. In a survival situation, the Damascus steel knife is exposed to the elements of nature like water and more. If these could not corrode and rust up Damascus steel, then how could your ring become corroded and rusted?! So, relax! Damascus steel will not rust or get corroded easily!

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2.  Can I get the ring in my own size easily?

If you are employing the services of a reputed jeweller, then you will be able to find the design that you want in a range of sizes. Now, remember one thing! Damascus steel is forged in a unique method, where layers of metal are forged together. For this reason, no two rings will look exactly the same! So, the final design may be a bit different than the picture you see. But, only in the pattern, and that too in a slight way! The quality and beauty will be (and remain) the same.

3.  Are Mokume Gane and Damascus Steel the same?

No, they are not the same! They may be similar, but they are not the same. The similarities are:

  • Both the method involves the use of contrasting metals.
  • The metals are welded together using heat and pressure.
  • Both methods then use carving, forging and twisting to create the unique patterns of your beautiful rings.

Now we present to you the differences, which include:

  • Damascus steel is forged using alloys of iron like carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Mokume Gane is forged using non-ferrous metals or alloys that do not have any iron.

This is the major difference between the two methods.

These are the major questions that the experts feel needed to be answered. Now, you will be able to find a good ring that is unique. Gold, silver and platinum, move over! Damascus steel is here to take on the jewellery industry. If you have any more questions, talk to the experts at the reputed stores, which offer Damascus steel jewellery! They will solve all the questions and your clouds of doubt will be dispelled easily. Wow everyone with your Damascus steel diamond rings.