Free eBay Listing Easter Weekend 2014

Free eBay Listing Easter Weekend 2014

Welcome in the 4 day weekend with giddy glee because not only do we have a lovely restful period but also the chance to declutter and flog some of your junk! This post is thanks to one of my favourite blogs From Aldi to Harrods (so make sure you go and have a looksee because she is a genius when it comes to money making) who spotted there is free eBay listing Easter weekend 2014. So from today (Friday 18th April 2014) through to 21st April.
Free eBay Listing Easter Weekend 2014
This means you have not only plenty of time to clear out your junk over the 4 day weekend but to photograph it, list it and upload it too! My favourite way to do this is via the free eBay app, which just makes it feel like less of a hassle because you can take the photo right there with your phone, write the entire description and then upload it all in the space of about 5 minutes. All that without having to get out a camera (charge it – because mine always needs charging), find the lead, crank up the laptop and ugh, that just seems like effort.
There are some restrictions to the free lisiting which you can find here but basically you can list up to 100 items via the auction or fixed price methods. And one thing to check is that you’re eligible to list for free. This free listing period is ‘by invitation only’ but as so many people shove eBay newsletters etc. into their spam folders then this may have been something you missed, so go and have a look for that email. It might also be worth trying to see if your account has these privileges with a test run.
Get listing and make some money on your old junk!
Enjoy and big thanks to Emma at From Aldi to Harrods for spotting this because I’m desperate to get rid of even more junk! I always have a small box which I add to on a regular basis which waits for the next free eBay listing period enabling me to claw some money back. This time? Bye bye to a couple of hand bags, some records and some crafting materials I’ll never use and hopefully Mr Thrifty will make a decision on a few of his 1970s suits which he never ever wears.

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P.S. Will you be taking time to list some items this Bank Holiday weekend?

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