How to Apply Foundation With a Makeup Sponge?

Makeup sponge is one of the most favorite makeup tools of all time and has stolen the hearts of professional and makeup fans. It makes blending more manageable and is a game-changer for makeup application. Applying foundation can help you hide dark spots, redness, blemishes, and even out the skin tone of your face to create naturally even-looking skin. With a little practice, it becomes effortless to use makeup sponges for applying different types of foundation and use them in your everyday makeup routine. Makeup sponge, also known as a beauty blender is a versatile makeup tool which is used for applying foundation, concealer, primer, or bb cream.

Before you learn how to apply foundation with the help of a makeup sponge, we would like to explain to you why you must use a makeup sponge instead of brushes.

Why choose a makeup sponge?

Wondering about what are the benefits of using a makeup sponge? If you are familiar with how to apply foundation with a makeup brush, you might think why to switch to a makeup sponge. Although brushes are a great and easy-to-use tool, sponges are an ideal tool for an everyday foundation.

Sponges are best for dry skin

Usually, we wet a sponge before using it for applying any face makeup and apply them in a stippling motion. This means you don’t rub the tool on your face, which reduces the chance of flakiness. The probability of flakiness increases if you use a dry tool on the dry skin because it increases the friction. The moisture retained in the makeup sponge will also add a hydrated, dewy look to your dry skin.

Sponges offer a flawless finish with less effort

You’ll notice a more natural and blended look if you prefer using a sponge for applying cream or liquid foundation. Blending becomes more comfortable when you use a sponge instead of a brush because you are wetting the sponge before using it. This makes the spread of the product more accessible and seamless. It will also prevent the unnatural streaks of the brush on your face.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation with Sponge

  1.     Prepare your skin and makeup

You need to sustain a perfect skincare routine if you want your foundation to look smooth and even. Wash your face with the help of a cleanser and lukewarm water. Make sure that the water is neither too cold nor too hot. Massage your skin with the cleanser and rinse it off, making sure that no residue is left on the skin. Pat dry your skin with a towel and apply a moisturizer immediately. Doing this will help your skin hold in moisture and will blend the foundation more evenly by offering a flawless look. Wait for at least 1 minute for the moisturizer to dry completely.

  1.     Choose the foundation and a makeup sponge

Make sure you choose a foundation according to your skin type and the desired coverage. Remember, you also need to pick a sponge that will go with your foundation formula. Sponges are available in different materials and shapes. For certain types of applications, some work better than others. Choose the best sponge to apply your foundation evenly on your face.

  1.     Dampen the makeup sponge

Before you start with the makeup application, wet your sponge entirely and then squeeze out the excess water from it. Make sure that the sponge is completely saturated. The sponge will allow the foundation to blend into the skin seamlessly. You can also be ensured that your product is not getting wasted because it will simply bounce off your sponge without getting saturated into it. It will also provide you with a natural-looking finish with a smooth and subtle sheen. If you are using a powder formula, do not wet the sponge because it will cause your foundation to clot up.

  1.     Pour a small quantity of foundation onto the back of your hand

Pouring a small quantity from the bottle will make sure that you don’t waste the foundation. Take little by little as required. Go for either a liquid or cream-based foundation if you have dehydrated skin because this will add moisture back to your dry skin. Please avoid the use of powder foundation because it will dry out your skin even more.

  1.     Bounce the sponge

The main motive behind applying foundation with a makeup sponge is using a stippling or bouncing motion instead of a sweeping or wiping motion. Dip the most expansive and thickest part of your sponge gently into the foundation on your hand. Dab the foundation by starting from the centre of your face and blend outwards. Dabbing will apply foundation more naturally and evenly. Continue doing so until thoroughly blended. Finish off your makeup by applying setting powder for a long-lasting finish.

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The above-mentioned were some simple steps that will help you know how to apply foundation with a makeup sponge. Remember that you wash the sponge with a mild soap or cleanser after every use. This will help you in keeping your skin clean and make the sponge last for too long.