For Your Home Inspection, You Need to Hire a Real Company.

For Your Home Inspection, You Need to Hire a Real Company.

A Real Estate agent called our office in a panicked phone call. The client hired a Home Inspector in Santa Clarita, but he didn’t turn up. It turned out that they had not hired a legitimate company. The client had employed a cheaper person to call themselves a home inspector and was eventually given a non-show inspector.

We received a call from someone whose home had been inspected just a few weeks before. They had hired someone cheaper and soon regretted it. They claimed that the inspector only stayed on the site for 45 minutes and didn’t inspect the roof. He also commented on how the house was too old to conduct a sewer inspection.

We get many calls from buyers who claim they received a cheaper home inspection, but the inspector didn’t inspect the roof or test the HVAC. They want us to examine that aspect.

These could all have been avoided if the company was IM Home Inspections.

We always show up

IM Home Inspections has the advantage of having a team of inspectors. We can send another inspector if one inspector is unavailable. We can also reroute another inspector if an inspector is sick. We have another person to take their place if an inspector is away. Many home inspectors are unable to accommodate unexpected events. Many home inspectors also call us to take care of their business while on vacation.

The team supports every inspector.

Our inspectors all use an app to stay in constant touch with each other. An inspector can instantly send a picture to the team if they see something they don’t understand or need a second opinion. The entire team is at their disposal, so our inspectors can access all information.

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Quality Control

We are horrified at the quality control in other multi-inspector companies. While one inspector might be great and one may be terrible, you don’t know who will show up. Because most other companies offer little or no training, it is difficult to know who will show up. IM Home Inspections has strict quality control. Even if inspectors have some experience, they all go through training. Senior inspectors review inspection reports until they feel competent to write a top-level report. Our top inspectors must have their reports checked by a senior inspector to ensure that they maintain the highest quality.

Workmans Comp Insurance

Most single-man inspectors do not carry Workman’s Comp insurance. It is difficult to determine who is responsible for an inspector’s injuries on the job site. This can lead to a lot more finger-pointing. IM Home Inspections is a legitimate company with full Workmans’ Comp Insurance and E&O and General Liability Insurance. You are risking significant liability by hiring a cheap inspector.

Specialized Office Staff

Independent inspectors often have a problem with their phones. Their phone rings constantly, and they either need to interrupt the inspection or ignore it. It can be frustrating to have your inspector interrupted as a home buyer. Even more frustrating is when the inspector can’t be reached later for any follow-up questions. IM Home Inspections has a dedicated staff that answers the phone.a