Find The Best Gaming Experience with Call of Duty Warzone

Here are some tips to become an expert in the new battle royale mode of Call of Duty. On paper, Warzone is just a new take on a very popular video game genre. In general, this is indeed the case, but the game also develops its own universe and its own specificities. There is enough to offer a new field of possibilities. We give you some tips to make the most of the game thanks to some very useful tips. Now that with the use of the warzone hacks you can download play the game easily, here are the options for you.

Plates of armor in reserve

Players can equip armor plates to protect themselves from bullets. If they get hit, they will resist the confrontation longer and can either escape or eliminate their target. However, the bulletproof vest does not regenerate like the life of our soldier. If you are affected, you will need to change the plate.

That’s why it is interesting to always have them on hand. This will allow you to change it regularly as you get attacked. To find them, just explore the map and buildings or buy them from the supply stations. Do not hesitate to collect several since you can carry up to 5 plates of armor.

Open your ears

Surviving in a battle royale requires good vision and good reflexes, but that’s not all. In fact, being attentive to noises is essential to avoid being killed stealthily. If you strain your ears, you will obviously be able to hear gunshots, but also footsteps, broken windows, etc. There are Clues that will tell you where the enemies are. This will also make it easier for you to spot Supply Crates since they make a sound when you are nearby. 

XXL means of locomotion

In Call of Duty: Warzone, players can use a variety of vehicles to move around or take out enemies. Players can embark on 5 types of transport, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. They must therefore be chosen with full knowledge of the facts.

ATV is fast, but offers little protection.

Two-seater vehicles (ATVs) are more stealthy, but offer little protection. The Tactical Rovers offer 4 places, minimal protection, but are very fast and especially off-road. SUVs offer more protection, but they are not very practical outside the marked roads. As for trucks, players enjoy excellent protection at the expense of speed and off-road driving. Finally, with the helicopter, players have good cover to attack their enemies, but they are exposed to rocket launcher attacks.

Play as a team

In this battle royale, the players are divided into 3 teams of 50 participants maximum. It’s an aspect to take into account to carry out the general mission eliminate all enemies and side missions – the various contracts. Staying together will allow you to better deal with enemies.

If you are in a bad position, you can call your teammates to pull you out. They can also save you by injecting you with an injection, if you are on the verge of death. The game offers several interactions between teammates. For example, you can mark areas of risk or interest on the map, or even share your loot with your friends. Help your teammates in the gulag.

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Two players clash in the gulag to return to the battlefield.

If you haven’t arrived in time to resuscitate a comrade, that comrade will be taken to the gulag where he can try his hand at returning to the battlefield. Gulag is a feature of Warzone that allows a player to come back to life if he manages to eliminate his opponent, also fallen in battle. A 1 on 1 death match of the simplest, but which still has the advantage of existing, especially since Activision gives context to this second chance.

The soldiers between life and death were taken prisoner on the battlefield. If they want to survive, they must eliminate the other prisoner. Around the arena are several spectators who are waiting their turn to go into the arena which adds a good atmosphere to the scene.

If you witness a teammate’s fight, you’ll be able to talk to them and help them locate their enemy. It is enough to allow a comrade to return to the battlefield and “win the war”. After which, this one can return the favor as players can purchase a $ 4,500 Respawn Token to revive a teammate.

You see six million players on the first day then fifteen million on day 3. Warzone, the free battle royale of the latest Call of Duty, is conquering the world at a rate of hell. Virtual life in this irrevocably shrinking arena is also going at breakneck speed. But thanks to these tips, you won’t be completely lost.

Team up

There is no separate mode for single player players. So always choose to play in a team of three people. Those who think they can do it solo don’t need this advice or better change their mind. Getting back on your feet or being able to redeem yourself in the game makes all the difference between very short random matches and intense, longer matches. Oh yeah, it doesn’t make sense to pick a team and then go your own way. In that case, it’s best to let your teammates play with a less antisocial player. And it starts the moment you all drop into the same area.


Of course, you can also play in single player mode, at least since the last update just you and your gun, against 149 opponents until the last man standing. Look already in the plane where you want your parachute drop. Want immediate action? Or rather explore the surroundings first. Always keep an eye on your Tac map and your compass. And you can always find useful tools at shopping stations. So be smart, and as always: practice makes perfect.


The ideal is to play with two other people and communicate via voice chat. Even if your partners barely speak English, you use voice communication in combination with the excellent “ping” mechanism which allows you to mark the location of enemies and loot or interesting points on the map. No need to shout “there, in this house” or “to the left”. Look at the compass up and between a more precise wind direction and degrees.