Fat Girl Does Skinny Jeans

Fat Girl Does Skinny Jeans

Over the last few years as my illness and lack of working out have bulked me up I’ve steered away from trousers and jeans almost altogether. The nearest I get is leggings or the pair of trousers I wore in this post last week, prefering instead dresses and skirts because I can disguise my middle with relative ease. For some reason last week I fancied myself a pair of brightly coloured jeans but alas all I could find on the high street were yellow and peach (all of the other colours were only available in a size 12 on the day I went a-shopping) which didn’t look right on my lard themed rear end. En route to the bus stop I popped into the British Heart Foundation charity shop and the first thing I found were ripped these green skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. They still had their original label attached and when I fought my way into the fitting room, past a pile of black bin bags, I thought they worked quite well. Hurrah. I don’t really have any tunic type tops purely because I haven’t had the trousers to wear them with however I will definately be keeping my eyes out for some next time I go a-rummaging in the chazzas. So for now I’m wearing them with dresses – there’s no way I’d expose my middle to the poor folk of Manchester.

What I wore

Green jeans, charity shop – £4.99

Dress, Sainsburys – £3

Shoes, Asda – £3

Cardigan, charity shop – haven’t the foggiest

So chunky ladies, do you embrace jeans and trousers or like me do you prefer to wear something which flows well over the worst areas?
P.S. So much rain outside my house. Why noah, why?
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