Fashionista Eyebrow Kit

Fashionista Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrows are one of those things which can completely pull your face together even if the only other make up you’re wearing is a lick of mascara and a dab of lip balm. Until about two years ago I actually thought eyebrows came in three categories.

1. Perfect, no need to do anything to them.

2. Crazy bushy eyebrows which cause tears and expensive threading and waxing bills/hours of plucking.

3. Drawn on.

I had no idea people were delicately filling in their eyebrows with powders and setting them with wax, this had completely escaped my consciousness. Somehow I thought trying out an eyebrow regime would be great and my face would suddenly look beautiful but alas I tried it for the first time when slightly tipsy when getting ready for a night out and my eye brows looked less Scouse Brow and more Slug Brow. Bum. Despite my mishap with Slug Brows, I was still taken with the idea of  perfect brows and looked into brow kits but found myself shocked at the price and retreated deep back into the depths of category 2.

I was recently sent the FashionistA Eyebrow Kit*, which is a little black compact that comes with two coloured powders, a highlighter and a setting wax to keep the hairs in place. It also has tweezers, a good sized mirror and a dinky brush. I’m genuinely surprised at how good this thing is and what a different running a little powder and wax through my brows makes.
Although I have black eyebrows I’ve found using only the darker of the two powders to be a bit too dark and full on, however a mixture of the two gives a nice, natural look and the brush, despite my first thoughts of ‘meh’ is actually really fab for tiny, fluffy little brush strokes. I’m not really a full face of make up kind of girl, well certainly not for everyday occasions, however I think I’ll be adding this eyebrow kit and in general ‘doing my eyebrows’ to my essentials of lipbalm and mascara.

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