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Exterior House Painting Tips


These are some suggestions for exterior painting your home:

  • Paint your home the same colour or darker than it is right now

It is a good idea to choose a lighter colour than your existing color. A lighter color can be more expensive if your house is already painted in a dark shade. Do you not know what the current colour is? Take the peeling paint off your wall and bring it to a paint shop. They will match it. This is a more common task for dedicated paint shops than for home improvement stores. You want to change the colour of your house? Simply make the next color darker than your current one.

  • Exterior painting requires a great house wash

It is hard to imagine a house without having to be washed before painting. You can see years or decades of grey soot and dust accumulation by simply running a white shirt across your house. It’s a good idea to wash the house down, even if you are trying to paint a disaster.

Hand washing your house is the most labor-intensive, but it’s still possible to do the job. If you have a pressure washer, this is the best. Give it two coats on a warm day. Once with the cleaning solution, then rinse with clean water. Do you have a pressure washer? It should be hosed down. Even this is better than doing nothing. You should also move any items that aren’t in your home, such as garden ornaments and pots .

    • Take out the visible, large junk (spiderwebs and wasp’s nests), leaves, and other such things.
    • You can remove the thin layer of dust and soot.

Summary: Keep your house clean, but don’t spend too much time on it.

  • A prime is only for the problem areas and not the entire house

Although the whole house may benefit from a coat of primer, it is cheaper to only prime the areas that are most problematic, such as raw wood or dried wood filler.

A litre of primer is sufficient if you have just bare areas (instead of whole bare sections). Apply it and you are done.

Summary: Only paint the unprimed and unpainted areas of your house, not the entire one.

  • It is important to do some preparation work, but it shouldn’t consume your project.

The amount of time it takes to prepare a room can be equal to the time spent painting. Even the most patient homeowner will find it difficult to resist the urge to tape and cover. A house with so many features can take a whole day to complete.

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Summary: Preparation time can be very costly. Keep it to a minimum.

  • You can only scape the minimum

Scraping paint isn’t a time-consuming activity on its own. It’s almost like opening Pandora’s Box. It’s like opening a Pandora’s Box. You can scrape the little flake of paint for a dollar and it leads you to more and better.

Leave it alone if the edges of the paint won’t fall. The new paint will seal and maintain the edges. Although it’s not perfect, it will last for quite some time.

Summary: Scrape until your edge is solid.

  • Roll any flat

Rolling paint offers the best of both worlds. The paint can be applied quickly and it is easy to cover large areas. You don’t need to dedicate a whole day. It takes only 45 minutes to paint, then you can throw the cover off and get back to more important tasks like watching TV or playing with your children.

Unfortunately, many siding types are not suited for rolling.

Summary: Use a pole and roller if you have flat siding.

  • Spray large areas with no features

Spraying is a laborious process that requires extensive preparation. Spraying should cover every square inch of the surface that is not painted within 2 meters. Spraying is very fast once you start. Spraying has a downside. You can only spray a thin coating.

This side of your house should have grass, not pavement. Spray the grass without using a drop cloth. Yes, it will overspray the grass, but it will be gone in a few mowings.

Summary: The sprayer can paint large areas of your house without requiring any features.

  • Reduce or eliminate washing brushes and rollers
    • Toss the cheap roller covers at the end of every painting session. For interior painting, which is where the work will be viewed by a lot of eyes, it is advisable to use better quality covers. Exterior painting is less forgiving so hire exterior painters in auckland.
    • You can use nylon brushes or foam brushes for small dabs and touch-ups. When you’re done, toss them.
    • Use a paintbrush brush comb and water to clean your brushes. Brush cleaning time is cut by at least half with a comb; highly recommended.

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