Excess Supermarket Packaging

Excess Supermarket Packaging

Even the most basic products seem to be wrapped in reams of needless plastic. Peppers for instance probably don’t need to be packaged in plastic at all but to package a pepper individually and then additionally wrap them into a three pack? Utterly needless.My friend recently brought over some Co-op cupcakes which were not only in a cardboard and plastic box but they were sat inside a plastic support to keep them upright and then the plastic support was wrapped in yet more plastic. Why? Why on earth did it require so much packaging?A number of supermarkets have, in recent years, faced legal action with regards their over-use of packaging and yet it still continues across various product ranges.

What can you do?

Not only do I leave any obvious excess packaging at the checkout, I will also return any excess packaging I notice once I get home. I simply keep it in a carrier bag and bring it back to customer services next time I’m in store. They hate me, I don’t care – their food is so over packaged it’s hardly likely they can spit in it, is it? If we have a home delivery I will also go through everything and hand back the excess packaging to the delivery guy, a number of them have commented that this action is becoming more and more frequent and their managers are taking note.Businesses are charged quite a considerable amount of money to dispose of rubbish, so the real way to make them sit up and listen is by creating extra costs for them and explaining why you’re doing it!

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What else can you do?

Opt to steer clear of products wrapped in excess packaging.- Complain directly to your supermarket or the manufacturer of the product. Letters are great but so are emails and even social media interactions. I find tweeting a picture of the excess packaging to the supermarket receives a prompt reply.- Choose recyclable packaging but make sure you’re able to recycle that specific material locally to you as recycling facilities vary across the nation. Buy loose items or items from the deli area are often wrapped in wax lined paper rather than huge amounts of plastic. Try to reuse packaging. If you bag up loose veg don’t tie the bag too tightly so you can reuse it and you’ll find bread packaging is perfect for taking your sandwiches to work! Aim for refill packages for the likes of cleaning products, spices and coffee. This is the second post in a 10 day series of posts called Feb-u-waste-ary designed to help you cut back on waste in your life and home.