Essential Things Everyone Should Know About Clip-ins

Essential Things Everyone Should Know About Clip-ins

Clip-ins are arguably the most preferred and easiest types of hair extensions to use. They can add instant volume and length to hair, making a massive difference to your whole look. They come in synthetic and human hair varieties, enabling users to pick whichever they are most comfortable with.

But while clip in hair extensions are undoubtedly popular, there are a couple of things one must know before trying them on for the first time. A considerable knowledge about these extension types can help users avoid mishaps and maintain them well for future use.

They cause very little strain on the scalp

Unlike certain other types of extensions, clip-ins are easy on the hair follicles. For instance, taped ones may cause breakage during use or when taking them off. But clip-ins put less pressure on roots, and you can set them on almost any part of the hair with ease. Several stylists advocate using hair spray on the roots for a thicker texture so that the clip-in stays in place. Another helpful idea is to braid the hair in the area where you plan to clip the wig.

How to find the most suitable size for you

Extensions are among the best hair camouflages to help people hide thinning hair, bald spots, and other hair or scalp issues. But if you pick an extension too long for your hair, it will make the hair look lopsided. In contrast, if you choose one that is too short, it might not make any difference at all. That’s why it is crucial to pick the appropriate size for your hair. 

For short or chin-length hair, extensions about 10 to 14 inches long are usually a good enough length. Similarly, for medium hair, an extension of 14 to 18 inches long will do. Those with long hair will need to buy extensions that are 18 inches or longer.

If you have curly or layered hair, it can be challenging to determine the exact length of hair extension you need. Consulting a hair expert can be best in such cases. Alternatively, you can buy longer hair extensions and trim off the extra if you need to.

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You need to brush and wash the extension regularly

Clip-in hair extensions last longer if you maintain them well. It is best to brush the extensions before and after use to keep them tangle-free, failing which, there could be breakage and other damage to the extensions. To maintain their silky texture, you can apply a mild serum to the extensions after brushing them. Depending on the hair quality and extension type, you may have to wet them before brushing to avoid breakage. For instance, curly clip-ins may break if they are not wet before being brushed.

It is also wise to wash the extensions once in a while so that they stay clean. Remember to wrap the extensions in a towel after the wash to soak excess moisture, and then air-dry them.

You can stop using them anytime you want

While you can use extensions for a considerable length of time, it is prudent to take them out once in a while. This gives your hair follicles a break from the clip-ins, allowing you to use hair masks and get other hair treatments done. Also, if the extensions are too tight on the scalp, leaving them overnight is not advisable. They could cause strain on your hair roots, resulting in breakage and scalp damage.

So, even though clip-in hair extensions are an excellent way to add volume, length, and style to your hair, it is best to be a bit knowledgeable about them. It isn’t tricky to use them, though. After the first couple of times, you will be confident about picking the right color, length, and type of hair extension for you.