Diy Statement Chain Necklace

Diy Statement Chain Necklace

This statement necklace is easy to make yourself at home, you can easily do it with broken necklace chains or cheap chains from jewellery supply shops, eBay or even try thrifting some from bootsales or charity shops. My friend Eliza recently made over a broken bracelet in a similar way which is what gave me the inspiration for this DIY.

How to Make a Statement Chain Necklace

What You Will Need:

Chains – I’ve used 4 18inch gold coloured chains which I bought from a craft shop – add more or less depending on the thickness and boldness you want to go for.
Coloured spray paint – I’m using a glossy red.
Contrasting cord or ribbon – I’m using 1.5cm thick dark cream satin ribbon
Thick cardboard

Optional – Sandpaper


Making a Statement Necklace

1. Make sure your chains are done up and the fastenings are at roughly the same point.

2. Place thick cardboard on your surface so the paint won’t stain. Surround the out-lying areas in newspaper, tape down if necessary.

3. Tape the chains down in two places leaving three equal sections. Cover the middle section with a small patch of newspaper or tape (I used tape) and spray the outer two sections with your spray paint. It may need more than one coat depending on how bright a colour you would like.

4. Once the chains are thoroughly dry (it takes longer than you think) take a length of ribbon (the length depends on how long you like to wear your necklaces), double over and insert through one end of the chains. Pull the loose ends through the loop and pull tight and knot to secure. Do this on both sides.

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5. Tie the loose ends together and wear.

Optional Step

Before attaching the ribbon rub the painted areas lightly with fine grade sandpaper to give it a patchy, worn look. Brush down with an old mascara wand to remove dust before attaching the ribbons.