Diy Oh

Diy Oh

The thing with moving house is, no matter how much you budget there are always extra expenses. We’ve had to make a few purchases for DIY projects over the last week or so which, on top of buying a house, have made me wince but hopefully they’re purchases which will last us a long time.


We are hoping to do a lot of DIY (we’re planning to take a couple of classes) over the next few years so we’ve invested in a few tools. This was something we took a lot of time to research with the hopes the tools will last us a really long time. We bought our first power tool in the shape of a Bosch Combi Drill and some accessories to go with it. After a lot of research we were dithering between two different drills but we came across a deal on this drill and decided to take the leap. We’ve already become quite drill happy, having removed some shoddy work installed by the previous owner and fixed some floorboards. Previously we only had tools enough for flatpack assembly and painting meaning we’ve also been buying essentials like wrenches, saws, spirit level, set square and a whole assortment of metal crap which Mr Thrifty seemed to be very chuffed with.


Not really a DIY but a must-have. All our rented places have come with a fridge and the seller of our house took his with him, so after measuring up we went in search of a fridge to fit the space. Dammit, that space whilst pretty wide isn’t very deep, which is quite the problem because most fridges are at least 60cm deep. After a lot of searching we found a fridge through Appliances Online (who have changed their name to AO) because we could search by various measurements and get cashback through TopCashback.

Paint and Varnish

After pulling the carpets up (which wasn’t something we thought we’d have to do for 6 months but they stank) we decided to sand a couple of our downstairs floors. The middle room had lovely floorboards but they just needed a light sand and a spot of paint buffing off with a sander before we decided to varnish them and polish them up. I thought varnish was cheap, turns out I was wrong. Varnish is expensive and oil is more expensive, so after some research we went for varnish. 3 lovely coats, bish bash bosh. The living room however was a different story. The floorboards weren’t anywhere near as nice looking and needed heavy sanding due to huge lumps of concrete dumped all over them. Once they were cleaned up we knew varnish wouldn’t look quite right so we ended up buying black floor paint (which was a traditional colour in Victorian and Edwardian rooms) and giving them 3 coats. Oddly painting the floor, to the sound of Supergrass on my phone, was quite therapeutic. Floor paint, by the way is also really expensive. I thought it would be about a tenner, I obviously have no idea how much paint is. I nearly fainted when I saw the price of

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Farrow & Ball.

On top of the paints and varnishes we opted for the best brushes we could afford. I’ve previously bought cheap brushes to paint furniture and they’ve been a pain to use and a pain to clean meaning they were really only fit for one job. We went for decent brushes with the hope we can use them time and again on various projects.

Sander and Edger

To get the floorboards ready for sanding we hired a sander and edger from HSS. Their pricing seems to be pretty standard across the country and when we clicked on their website we were greeted with a £20 off orders for first time customers. We ended up spending £240 which was reduced to £160 on the return of unused sanding belts. Not dirt cheap but certainly a lot cheaper than paying a professional to come in and do it for us. It was long, hard work though and the clean up took as long as the sanding itself.

Curtain Poles

Curtain poles weren’t something I expected to have to replace from the word go but some bright spark of a previous resident decided it would be a great idea to paint the curtain poles whilst they were on the wall and to splash paint all over the screws, fittings and tracks which meant we couldn’t the remove poles or the ugly and cigarette smoke scented curtains without taking down the all of the fittings too. Enter new poles, new fittings and new finials.