Design Your Bathroom With White Tiles and the Most Captivating Add-ons!

Design Your Bathroom With White Tiles and the Most Captivating Add-ons!

White is in! And especially in bathrooms, it can be enchanting! But just plain white can be too monotonous. Don’t you think this basic but peaceful shade needs some stunning add ons to make it look more ravishing? Well, let’s see how you can get the most enigmatic look in your bathroom by choosing white tiles as the base and other additions to complement it well.

White Tiles Plus the Classy Additions to Make Your Bathroom Look Fabulous!

We are sure you selected the best white coloured bathroom tiles for your bathroom. They indeed exude sophistication, serenity, and classic timelessness. But let’s think of giving your basic white a sprinkle of magnificence with some pretty add-ons that are listed below:

  • Add the greens — Plants, greenery, natural creepers, or the artificial ones, all look so charming with white! They match white in terms of subtleness and provide a refreshing look and touch to your bathroom. You can add these greens in the form of decorative plants or just hang as curtains or keep a fake grass carpet near the tub, the result is always pleasant.
  • Add a warming effect with a rug — Do you know what’s the easiest hack to light up any plain décor? Well, it’s just adding a colourful rug in the room. The same goes for your bathroom with white tiles. Just place a nice looking captivating rug at the entrance of the bath or near the washbasin and this contrasting effect in your bathroom is certainly going to work wonders for you.
  • Make it classical with black — We all know how fantastic white looks with black! So, if you want to add a distinct spark to your bathroom with white tiles, just call Bathroom & Tiling in Auckland the tiler’s team that guarantees excellent and neat laying of the tiles. Now, think of complementing it with a black marble floor or just make half of the accessories like washbasin or bathtub black. The end results will surely be iconic.
  • The silver or golden accent — White in itself is a royalty. But if you add a touch of gold or silver to it, the magic intensifies! You can try the same hack by adding golden or silver faucets, washbasins, décor pieces or handles in your white tiled bathrooms.
  • Splash a little colour here and there — Typical white base can actually come on your nerves sometimes. If you can just splash a dash of colour to complement it, the results would be dramatic. Like, a colourful, vibrant painting in the middle of the wall would certainly uplift your white bathroom better. Similarly, if you add soft pastel coloured cabinets in this area, again the results would be totally mesmerising.
  • Just base it white – make the rest differ — Another classy add on to your white bathroom would be to just keep the walls and floor in white tiles and design the rest of the décor in a different theme. You can think of choosing the colours (that aren’t related to white) to make the other parts complement it better and add a distinct twist to this base.
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Don’t you see how awesome white with so many different add-ons would look? Now let us know which is your preferred one from these and would be the best to add life to your sophisticated, white bathroom!