Demystified: Common Myths About Leather

Demystified: Common Myths About Leather

Almost every individual out there admire the overall aristocracy of leather. This includes the shine, comfort, texture and even the longevity of leather as a material. There’s no doubt that leather helps in bringing a radical change in the overall style statement for any individual and therefore creates a powerful impression anywhere he or she goes.

But, there will be times when you can be misguided by a single bit of lie, and that’s why we are here to demystify some of the glaring myths about leather as a material – with the help of leather couch cleaning services. 

Knowing The Common Myths About Leather


  • The Price Of Leather Determines Its Durability



In case you’re of the opinion that spending more amount of money can provide you with a better and more longer lasting leather – then you’re in the wrong. You must remember that there are various kinds of leather that are available in the current market – which is why you should be wary of the quality of the leather you’re purchasing. 

The total price of a leather item depends on multiple factors – such as the tanning process, the kind of tanning agents used, the kind of hides that are used – and so on. 

There are also many popular leather brands out there who have high markups on their retail products – since they have to pay commissions to distributing agents. As a result, the overall price increases for the consumer, while the quality of the leather remains the same as any other non-popular brand. 

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  • Leather Can Get Damaged Easily



You might have a single type of misconception that leather is simply not sustainable over time and therefore get scratched mainly for its fragile property. But, in reality, such is not the case. It should be realised that leather is highly flex resistant and has a very high tensile strength. Of course, these two properties also depend on the quality of leather you’re using because a lower quality leather will have lower flex resistance and tensile strength than a higher quality one.


Premium leather is always known for its durability and strength. So, the next time you go out to buy a leather product, make sure you inspect the quality before purchasing. 


  • Leather Cleaning Is Difficult



There’s nothing easier than cleaning leather. Cleaning leather is all about taking a damp cloth and rubbing the same on the leather’s surface – after which you need to apply some leather conditioner. It’s suggested that you should never use any kind of detergent on leather because it damages the textures & fibres. 

In case you want to deep clean your leather product, use of baking soda by sprinkling over the stains should be enough.