Defuzzing On A Budget

Defuzzing On A Budget

If you want that fuzz-free feeling it’s going to cost you but here are a few tips to achieve that silky smooth, hair free look and feel (most of the time) without spending a fortune.


Unless there is a mega offer or I have a coupon, I buy men’s razors and shaving gel. In my opinion fancy-pants advertising is the only reason razors are so hideously expensive (£10 for 4 razor heads, you have got to be kidding me) and once you get past the addition of weird soapy bits attached and bendy heads etc., then a razor is a razor is a razor. You’ll get used to using a non-fancy men’s or cheap razor in no time. My suggestion is to pick one with 2 blades – these seem the best at shaving both long stretches (legs) and also small areas (armpits) which need contortion razors with 7 billion blades seem to make no difference whatsoever – and if you feel they do but you can’t afford them, then you’ll soon learn to deal with it. Oddly enough I picked up the orange Bic men’s razors in my local Martins newsagents for 40p a pack and I picked up a huge pack of the turquoise razors in an independent pound shop. Again I opt to use “men’s” shaving gel. It isn’t pink and it doesn’t smell of which ever fruit is currently trendy with candle lovers but it is usually 1/10th of the price and it does the exact same job. Conditioner does a great job as shaving gel but I find cheaper conditioners can really irritate my skin when used for shaving so I more often than not use a gel – a little goes a long way if you turn off the shower whilst shaving.


If I get my eyebrows ‘done’, more often than not I’ll get my eyebrows waxed at a local college for about £2.50. Sure the thought of a trainee waxing your eyebrows is scary but keep in mind that they are supervised at all times and are only unleashed on customers once they are regarded as safe and up to a specific standard. I find a wax at a training college can take an extra 10-15 minutes but because the trainee needs to get their work approved, they are always very exacting, very clean and take their time.


Threading is a fuss free way to rid yourself of fuzz but the technique takes practice. If you don’t have someone skilled in the art of threading on hand to teach you then YouTube is your friend. There are a huge number of instructional videos out there which can guide you in the technique. Just don’t try this when drunk!


For most of us a good wax should last miles longer than hacking at our legs with a razor but the price of a salon wax can be prohibitive to many. Home waxing has come along way from the days of waxing your legs with your year 10 friends in front of Friends circa  – I once got my leg stuck to my curtain and my friend had to cut herself out of her pyjamas. My favourite wax product are hot wax products and  not only represents good value for money but it causes the least irritation to my legs. You can even learn to sugar wax at home which involves making your own wax from sugar, water and lemon juice – I haven’t tried this method but makes it look easy enough.

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A good pair of tweezers aren’t worth their weight in gold, they’re worth their weight in diamonds encrusted in emeralds then mounted in platinum, innit and they’ll last you forever. Taking the leap from a pair of cheap tweezers to a pair of decent quality tweezers was a revelation for me. The pair I use slanted Tweezerman tweezers which come in at £20.95  – which originally seemed like an insane amount of money to spend on some hair pluckers but they’re incredible and I can’t recommend them highly enough as a product to invest in. The amount of precision these bad boys give is incredible.  Just make sure you don’t lose them!


I always exfoliate my legs just before defuzzing them because I was told it brings more of the hair to surface for you to cut or wax away meaning you can wait longer between defuzzing sessions. I’ve had a little experiment with this and found whilst it doesn’t give me days and days extra between shaves, it does leave my legs feeling a bit smoother for longer. I use exfoliating gloves (from Primark) rather than a beauty product which will disappear down the plug hole after use.


Epliators are torture devices to me but I know many women who use them on a regular basis and find over the long term they become very cost efficient. One friend of mine has been using an epilator since we started uni and is using the same device she picked up for £30 in the sale. She says she now only feels the need to epliate once every 8-10 weeks as her hairs now return finer, lighter and much, much slower. My favourite way to save on defuzzing is to pretty much skip it for the majority of the winter months. Not only do I save money but my skin feels better for it, I’m warmer and the hair is lighter and less coarse when I stop hacking it off every other day.