Copper Dining Room Light Swoon

Copper Dining Room Light Swoon

After renovation comes decoration and my friends, it has been a slow process and will continue to be for a time to come. Finally after months of trawling for the perfect (the copper dining room light of dreams) over head lighting for our dining room we stumbled upon this beautiful light fitting in Sainsbury’s. I say we, it was actually Mr Thrifty who dragged me over from the clothing range telling me “I’ve found an amazing light for the dining room, come and look”. I half snorted because well, he had found “amazing” things before and once showed me pictures of what can only be described as an elbow-nutsack hybrid hanging from a ceiling in place of a light, with great glee and a ”didn’t-I-do-well?” look on his face and frankly after that I didn’t trust his taste.

Copper Pendant Light

All was forgiven when he bent down to show me a beautiful copper pendant nestling on the bottom shelf of the home decor section in the supermarket, and best of all it was only £30! We’re giving copper a go in our dining room because we have a hideous 1970s copper fireplace in there and we can’t do anything with for at least another 5 years, so we’ve decided to make our “decision” to keep it look intentional, with the addition of a copper clock and a few accessories.

Copper Light Turned On

Home came the light and after a week or so of it sitting on the dinning room table we finally got round to putting it up. As it isn’t just a shade but an entire electrical fitting it was a bit harder to fit than we expected, especially because the diagram in the box bore no resemblance whatsoever to the wires attached to the light and we started to grow frustrated after an hour trying to figure out what in the frig we were doing wrong. After some tinkering the light would successfully come on but it wouldn’t turn off, then with our next attempt it would turn on but turning it off turned off all of the lights in our (freshly rewired) house. YouTube was our friend, we watched a couple of tutorials and after 20 more minutes, said beautiful light was attached to our ceiling, shining its light upon us and turning on and off in the correct manner.

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Sainsburys Copper Light

I adore the shape, the distressed patina (which make it a nightmare to photograph), the colour, the style – everything and the £30 price tag makes me do a little hop, skip and jump of happiness because some of the lights I’d been swooning over as a result of late night Pinterest-ing had been more in the region of £250-300!