Considering a Career in Finance? Here’s Why You’re Making the Right Choice

Considering a Career in Finance? Here’s Why You’re Making the Right Choice

Are you looking to start a career in financial services but are a little intimidated by the current economic climate? The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly turned the global economy upside down. However, there are still critical jobs that will always require people to fill them, and the financial services industry is at the top of that list.

A career in financial services isn’t only highly lucrative, but it’s also part of an exciting global industry that could take you all over the world (well, maybe not right now, but this pandemic won’t go on forever)! If you have a knack for numbers and love solving problems, finance might be the industry for you. Check out these reasons why finance isn’t going anywhere and why it’s one of the most important and impactful employment sectors.

It’s Dynamic and Diverse

The financial industry opens doors to many unique job opportunities. Depending on your level of experience and skillset, roles include:

  •       Accounting
  •       Retail, Corporate, or Investment Banking
  •       Investment Broker
  •       Fund Manager
  •       IT Executive
  •       Roles in digital commerce
  •       And so much more

In finance, there are a wide variety of specializations to choose. Once you discover what you want to focus on, your career will begin to flourish as years pass with new opportunities and high earning potential.

It’s Stable and Secure

So many people are living in the gig economy these days. Have you ever tried to live pay cheque-to-pay cheque, wondering when your next contract will start, without job security or benefits? It’s incredibly challenging and exhausting. With a finance role, you won’t have to worry about any of those things because the industry provides stability and security. Finance is fundamental to every aspect of daily life, from culture to business to the non-profit arts community. It’s a permanent and integral component to society, and isn’t going anywhere.

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It’s Innovative

The financial service industry goes hand-in-hand with up and coming digital technology. For example, there are so many start-ups right now, such as in lifestyle or tech. Start-up companies are turning innovative ideas into reality, and they wouldn’t be able to it without the crucial assistance of financial services. Finance evolves with technology, which leads to new and exciting job openings all across the board.

It Provides an Ongoing Education

Most employers in the financial sector like their employees to continue their education to improve their skills. At any financial institution, you’ll find opportunities for professional development, and some even help pay for post-secondary degrees. The more education you have in finance, the higher your salary will be.

Where to Start

Perhaps you already have experience working in the sector, or you’re eager to get started but aren’t sure how to look for a new financial job. Your best bet is to consult with financial recruiters. A professional recruitment agency can help you land your financial dream job much faster than trying on your own because they can access exclusive resources. They might have a client looking for someone who fits your precise experience and skillset.

Working in the financial services industry provides security, education, innovation, and so much more. Contact your trusted executive recruiters today and make that dream job a reality!