Cod Liver Oil And Honey Face Mask


Was I the only child who had to stand in the kitchen whilst their mother shoved a spoonful of cod liver oil down their gob every morning? Was this something from my primary school years (1987-1994) which is now extinct or is this still going on? Anywhoo, cod liver oil is good, yeah? And when my doctor recently suggested I get some of it down my neck I bought some well priced capsules from Aldi – when one of them burst in my make up bag not only was I angry at myself but I found myself inspired by the oil now coating everything in sight. I slapped some onto my chapped elbows so I didn’t waste it and in the morning they were smoother than…well something really smooth. Nigel Havers or single malt if you will. After seeing the benefits what it did to my elbows I decided I need to try this stuff out on my face and hair. The oil didn’t stay on my face for too long before it drizzled all over my bathroom floor, so I decided it needed something to bind it, enter good old honey.


What you will need
– 6 cod liver oil capsules (or around 1 tbsp from a jar)
– 2 tsp good quality runny honey
– Your lovely face

1. Steam your face over a bowl of very hot water for around 5 mins.
2. Pat face dry.
3. Snip the capsules (or pour out from bottle) and pour the liquid into a bowl.
4. Add the honey and stir together.
5. Smooth the mixture over your face and rub in for 30 seconds.
6. Leave to work its magic for 20 minutes.
7. Wash off with cold water – you may need the aid of a flannel or cotton wool as it may be fairly sticky.

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Are you up for giving this a go? I really love it and have used it in the bath once a week for the last 4 weeks and noticed my skin has become a little bit smoother and my neck is looking a good bit younger too – hurrah!

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