Clean your roof – Pressure washing

Clean your roof – Pressure washing

Roof cleaning is just one of the many home maintenance tasks homeowners must do each year. Pressure Washing is a great way to clean off the grime and grit from your roof. We can remove any moss or algae seeds to restore the natural colour of the roof’s material. It can cause serious damage to homes that are near water or sand. It is important to wash away the sand at least once per year. These are the facts about roof washing in Auckland.

Damage to plants and greens

Because they are living structures, algae or moss can quickly cause damage to your roof. Although they are invisible, the spores can grow into a large number of shingles. The roots feed on the glue and limestone used in roofing materials. The tile roofs are also at high risk. To prevent the growth of spores and algae, it is important to wash the roof surface every year. Voracious seeds and spores can settle between tiles and form a rooting system. Power washing can be done by our experts to remove spores, green plants, and seeds. A power washing can also help to prevent roof damage.

Different roofs require different care

Because not all roofs are the same, there are many types of pressure that can be used to clean them. Commercial roofing requires a more aggressive water pressure. Older homes require a gentler touch while commercial roofing needs a stronger water pressure. There are many types of cleaning solutions that we can use to clean different surfaces. Our staff has the experience and tools to deal with dirt from any roof, even yours.

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Trust skilled professional washers

DIY’s are a group of people who will do everything and anything on their own. It may seem like a smart idea to hire a power washer and try tile roof cleaning Tampa on your own, but it is not. Roof tiles can become slippery when they are wet. This is especially true for those with steep slopes. Our team has been specially trained to help you navigate loose tiles, stray shingles, and tricky ladders. We are also familiar with the best cleaning fluids to use to protect your roof.

Roof Fabric is damaged by debris

You can bet that there is some mould, algae or moss growing on your roof if you look around your neighbourhood. Do not wait until you see large clumps green growth before calling us. We will remove any small growths that could cause damage to shingles or tiles. Destroying leaves, grasses and other debris on your roof can help prevent the growth or other contaminants.

Roof Cleaning is an Investment

You can protect your home from any weather. If you choose to have your roof cleaned by a professional, you will be investing in your home. Storms can bring chemicals, mould spores and tiny seeds to your home. The more grime that is built up, the more moisture is available to the seeds and spores. We are familiar with what to look out for and how to get rid of the grime and invading seed.