6 Reasons Why Stone Wall Cladding is the Best Option for Your Home!

6 Reasons Why Stone Wall Cladding is the Best Option for Your Home!

Remember the old Victorian homes you always found with brick wall exteriors? Well, the new age homes have certainly got over that phase and embraced a dynamic change where the exterior part is rarely seen in traditional brick. We use all sorts of materials like aluminum, wood, tiles and even fibre to clad a home from outside. But out of all these products, natural stone walls have won a lot of hearts when it is used for home exterior cladding.

Perks of Using Natural Stone for Exterior Cladding of Your Home!

Architecture has certainly evolved over the years and accepted some very rare and fine changes in it. The biggest one was utilizing the various variables in nature for exterior wall cladding. And the natural stone is the most preferred choice of architects because of its amazing properties that make it one of the best external wall cladding materials. Dunmoe Cladding Service does an excellent job in cladding your exterior walls with this stone (or any other material that may suit you) and make it look totally worth flaunting. And if you want to know why you should be opting for stone cladding, check for its most exceptional qualities below:

  1.    Natural Stone is a long-lasting solution — With natural stone, you don’t have to worry about changing your exterior cladding every five or ten years. This is a very long-lasting material that is as tough as a rock (of course because it is a part of rock) and stays on your building perfect for a long.
  1.   Reusable Option — If you are obsessed with sustainability, then you should definitely opt for natural stone. After the years of usage for your building, you can always reuse it again and even recycle it — which actually benefits you and the environment a lot.
  1.   It’s a Versatile Material — Natural stone is the most versatile material that you can use for your exterior cladding. No matter if your home is a British styled home or a modern contemporary looking building, you will find all sorts of options in natural stone that can adorn your building really well.
  1.   Thermal and Acoustic Insulation — Natural stone is tough and thick that’s why it provides maximum insulation against cold or hot weather. Apart from it, you get maximum sound insulation as well after installing it.
  1.   It’s a Fire-safe Material — Fire safety is of the utmost importance when you choose an exterior cladding material. And the natural stone is highly fire-resistant. That is the reason most of the architects recommend you use stone walls for your exterior cladding.
  1.   The Aesthetic Beauty — Apart from all the other qualities, you just can’t beat natural stone’s aesthetic beauty. No matter if it is a country house or a town building, you will always find natural stone adapting to any surrounding gracefully. It just looks alluring on the surface and even your house stays distinct.

Well, with all these best qualities of natural stone, it’s impossible to not to choose it for your exterior cladding. After all, we all want our home to look exceptional and astounding!