Christmas Survival Guide By A Thrifty Mrs

Christmas Survival Guide By A Thrifty Mrs

If I’m honest, and this is quite sad, I probably enjoy planning and organising events more than the actual events themselves and Christmas is no different. List are made, budgets and spreadsheets tinkered with and recipes clipped from magazines. I find organising my life soothing and the smug sense of pride I get manages to soothe me just that little bit more.

I’ve kept scrap books for other events but never Christmas but this year as Mr Thrifty and I finally have a few Christmas traditions of our own, I thought it would be a good idea to start one. I wanted a place to keep cuttings, craft ideas, lists such as Christmas card lists, must watch movies, our favourite songs etc. because every year I try to rack my brains for this kind of information but it is never forth coming. I want something I can pull off the shelf every year and have the basics already there but also space to add more things.

My Christmas Survival Guide* which is a personalised hardback book, arrived in the post from Getting Personal a few weeks ago along with a few bits and bobs from Hobbycraft* and I’ve been slowly but surely adding bits and bobs to the book.
I’m putting together my Christmas card list and lists of our favorurite Christmas films. I’ll slowly but surely add old family recipes like my mother in law’s amazing Christmas cake which has been passed down the generations and the veggie dish which was initially designed for the one veggie member of our family but we all love it so much we insist on having a spoonful too.

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Budgets and lists will be added and removed from our survival guide as the years go past but I’m hoping the core recipe for our Christmas (songs, movies, food, crafts, church and family) will remain and this scrapbook of sorts will become essential to our Christmases and maybe even those of our future family.

Do let me know if you’d like to see some more Christmas posts. I’m planning on doing lots more organising posts but if you’d like to see things like recipes, budget gifts, crafts etc. do let me know down in the comments and I’ll work on getting those published as soon as possible.