Here’s What To Consider When Choosing the Right Hair Salon

We all know that a hairstylist can make or break your whole entire look and of course, your confidence. This is why finding the right hair salon and the right stylist, and a good one for that matter, is a stressful experience for everyone.

Keep reading for helpful tips to feel confident in your hair salon and stylist selection!

Good Hair Salon

Hair Salon & Stylist Reviews

Before we even take a deeper dive into your selection journey, get the hair salon reviews out of the way first. 

You will want to make sure that the salon you are looking at has a good rating and reputation. This will tell you that the hair salon has consistently good results and does a good job of their tasks.

Check to see if there are reviews about the individual stylist. Rave reviews over and over again about one specific person will bode well for your hair!

Decide What You Want

Make sure that the salon you are looking at offers what you want to get done. 

From highlights to hand tied wefts, most salons will have a ‘specialist’ that does everything fairly well but is exceptional in one or two things. If those one or two things is something you’re looking to get done, you’ll be in the right hands.

You will also want to look at the experience level of the stylist you’re looking at. A good technique takes time, practice, and education so if you want to look really good you’re going to want to go to someone with a little more experience.

Arrange A Consultation

Most places offer free consultations with either a stylist of your choice or someone they think will be a good fit for what you’d like done.

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Prepare some questions and talk to them in person to discuss what you want to be done and they will walk you through if it’s realistic and offer suggestions. This will also give you the opportunity to judge your level of comfort with the person to see if you trust them with your hair.

Price Point

If money is no object, then don’t worry about this point. But, if you’re someone who sticks to a budget and has a price point, you will want to read the fine print.

Check the price listings on the hair salon’s website to see if you can afford their services. You may also want to give them a call to ask about what the total price runs for the service you’re looking for.

Most hair salons have extra fees that they charge for their services, especially for colors, to dispose of them properly. 

Choosing A Hair Salon Made Easy

Feeling beautiful is an important part of confidence, and the last thing anyone wants is a bad hair cut or dye job!

When searching for the right hair salon, remember to keep these tips in mind to make it an easier and less stressful process for yourself. Also, keep in mind that saying no to any suggestions and services that a hairstylist may offer you is well within your right! So don’t be shy!

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