Choosing the right builder for your home extension

Choosing the right builder for your home extension

A home extension in auckland is a great alternative to moving. The right extension will increase your living space and add value to your house.

Finding the right extension specialist is crucial to ensuring a successful extension project due to its cost and scale. To help you make the right decision, we spoke with Builder’s recommended tradespeople.

  • Ask them if they have done extensions similar to yours.
  • You should feel comfortable around them
  • As much as accreditations, experience is what you should be looking for
  • Compare like-for-like quotations to ensure that everything is included
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Please make sure they are familiar with local regulations and planning permission.
  • Discuss the after-care plans for the build

These points will help you focus on meeting tradespeople or getting estimates for work. Continue reading to learn more about finding the best tradesperson for your job.

Ask them if they have done extensions similar to yours.

Extensions are not a one-off purchase. There are many extensions available, and they can be as varied as the homes that they are being added to.

It’s a good idea to talk to extension builders who have done similar builds as the one you are looking for. You can also ask the Builder for examples of previous work to show you. They should also be able to connect you with clients who have previously done similar work.

Builders is a specialist in the extension building and have received a lot of positive feedback on My Builder. He believes that allowing people to see his past work is crucial to building trust with potential clients.

You should feel comfortable around them.

You should assess your comfort level with potential tradespeople and find out whether they are familiar with your job. This can be done from the first contact you make with them. Are they friendly on the phone, arrive on time for meetings, and ask many questions about the project.

It takes time to build extensions. The entire process can take several months. Communication is key. While you don’t want to be best friends with them you do need to be able to establish a professional relationship with them. You must be comfortable talking openly about your concerns and dealing with them.

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You can feel more comfortable if you feel that way.

As much as accreditations, experience is what you should be looking for

You can also view previous work done by builders to help you assess their expertise. You can view photos of their jobs and read feedback from homeowners on My Builder. Ask them about their qualifications, experience, and how they will approach your job. Tradespeople who overpromise should be avoided.

It is also possible to find out if the tradesperson belongs to any accreditation or trade associations. A variety of organizations may be available to builders who work on extensions. Some of the organizations you might encounter are:

  • Federation of Master Builders: This is the largest trade association in the construction industry. All members are subject to inspection by the body, and they expect them to follow a code of ethics and uphold standards. There are several levels of membership. The highest level, Build Assure, offers the possibility of an insurance-backed guarantee for building work.
  • Guild of Builders and Contractors. To become a Trusted Member, members must have three years of experience trading with customers and financial referees. They also need to adhere to certain standards like providing clear payment plans and writing contracts.
  • Guild of Master Craftsmen – Each full member of the Guild is evaluated in-person to ensure that they meet high workmanship standards. The Guild offers a conciliation service to settle disputes between homeowners or trades members.
  • National Federation of Builders: All members must have financial and business references, public liability insurance, and abide by a code of conduct. It does not guarantee work but has a complaints procedure.
  • Fair Trades Association: Founded in 1983, Fair Trades Association covers multiple industries and encourages its members to offer insurance-backed warranties on their work.