Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner: 5 Things to Look For

Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner: 5 Things to Look For

Perhaps you’ve never had your carpets cleaned before and want to ensure you hire the right company. Or maybe you’re tired of paying high prices for poor carpet cleaning services in london that leave your carpets “clean” only to be worse six months later. No matter what reason you have, this is the place to go. These are five things to look out for when choosing a professional carpet cleaner.

What carpet cleaning products do they use?

While cheap harsh chemicals may make your carpet look cleaner for a while at least, they can pose a danger to your pets and family. Ask your carpet cleaner whether their products are safe to use on pets and children. But chemicals aren’t the only problem. Ask them if they intend to use soap or detergent to clean your carpet. If they answer yes, ask how they plan to remove the soap or detergent completely. You could end up with a crunchy carpet or dirt-attracting residue if they don’t remove these products.

What are their carpet cleaning tools?

There are many tools that can be used to clean carpets. Although steam cleaners are useful for extracting all the water and residue, it is not always possible to do this effectively. This will result in a carpet that is flooded and takes a long time to dry. This can also leave behind residue on your carpet. A dry cleaner is another type of tool. First, a pre-spray is required to get the carpet wet. To remove stains, a buffer pad can be used. It doesn’t work nearly as well as an extractor wand, quite frankly. The warranty will be voided if dry carpet cleaning is used. Hot extraction is the best choice for carpet cleaning. The hot extraction wand will quickly run water through carpet fibers, and then suck it out quickly to ensure that you don’t get flooded carpets.

The wand is not the only tool you should use. A quality carpet cleaner will use a variety of tools to clean your floors. A counter-rotating brush is the best choice to get rid of all dirt and grime that a vacuum can’t reach.

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What is the customer service phone number of the company?

Although it may sound strange, a simple phone call can give you all the information you need about working with a carpet cleaner. Are they professional and polite when answering the phone? Or, was it a simple hello? This does not necessarily make their service bad, but it might not be as professional. Ask questions about your requirements and make sure the person answering the phone is interested in helping you. You should call another person if you feel bothered. You want to ensure that you get your carpets cleaned by someone who listens to you and does the job right!

What do customers think about them?

Reviewers can fake some reviews. However, it is difficult to get many reviews from reputable websites. It is best to look at reviews from different sources such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google. You should also read reviews. Do not only consider the star rating. What were the customers’ concerns and problems? What did they like about the carpet cleaners? Review are an easy and quick way to find out about the carpet cleaner’s quality. Pro tip: Use the ctrl+f function on your computer to search for reviews that match your needs. You might have pets and would like to know what pet owners think. You can search for “pet” using ctrl+f. The reviews will then be highlighted, making it easier to locate the right reviews.

Which certifications do they hold?

It’s great when customers praise a carpet cleaner. But it’s even better when an independent lab has tested the carpet cleaning company and ranked them on their scale using NASA-created tests. This is exactly what The Carpet and Rug Institute has done. They evaluate everything carpet-related, from the actual carpet material to all the carpet service providers. The CRI inspects carpet cleaners’ methods and processes using a standard test and measurement system. A seal of approval is given to the best carpet cleaners. The platinum rating is given to the best carpet cleaners.