::Chocolate week:: Cadbury Chocolate Hamper Giveaway

::Chocolate week:: Cadbury Chocolate Hamper Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. You can find out who won here. Roll up, roll up lovely readers, want to win more chocolate than you know what to do with? Ah good! I thought you might. I can hear you saying ‘What’s the happy-haps Thrifty, what can I win and how? Get to the good bit.’ Alright, alright, stop bouncing around like a giddy child, take two seconds to read on and I’ll tell you. You may have noticed things heating up with Cadbury’s adverts of late. You may have seen the advert with fish divided in to two teams, spots and stripes (view the advert here and the story behind it here).

Image: Cadbury
To get the UK excited about the 2012 Olympics (you may have heard the rumours about London hosting them, ahem), Cadbury are throwing a little bit of the competitive nature our way and trying to get us playing more games. So, it’s Spots Vs Stripes ladies and gents, Spots Vs Stripes, which side do you land on? Mr Thrifty and I came up with a bit of a silly game to play. The GameBikeball. The name? Yeah it’s not great. The game features a bike, it does not feature a ball. But all the good games out there have ball in their name right? Football, basketball, netball, cric…ket. Just go with it, yeah?

Simple concept. Get on your bike, ride along on a course and see who does it quickest. One thing. You must balance a chocolate bar on your head. If it falls off it’s back to the start. The person who completes the course in the quickest time gets the bar of chocolate. Who are you backing? Me – spots or Mr Thrifty – stripes? And they’re off. Mr Thrifty is first up, plonks chocolate bar on helmet and slings leg over bike, pushes off and off he goes. It’s a quick start! Mr Thrifty with my thrifted cashmere jumper slung over his shoulders. Big stripey girl!

Dodging the small child, turning the corner and there he goes navigating his way through the mid size puddle, faster, faster, faster, through the slightly larger puddle. Here comes the steep incline, Mr Thrifty of the stripes team is making his way quickly to the turning point. Yes he has made it and it is now time to make his way back down that little hill, he is nearing the far corner, here he comes, here he comes. Great time.

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Next up is the spots team. I hear this lady is new to bikeball. Helmet on, chocolate bar balanced in hat. Off she goes, good speed to start with, turning the corner, careful not to crash into the the dog poo bin. There she goes, first the mid size puddle and now the the slightly larger puddle. Show your stripes! Even if it is just a sofa throw tied around your neck. She is losing a bit of time there on the corner but time isn’t everything. Straight up the incline, turns around in one fast movement and straight back down she goes. Here comes the corner and here she comes, here she comes!

Over to the judges and their stop watches. Do we have a clear winner?

Oh yes, by a margin of 20 seconds – Mr Thrifty for the stripes team! Well done that man. Yes, yes, I’m getting to the bit about what you can win and how. You can win a luxury hamper (worth approx £80) of Cadbury products simply by leaving a comment (please ensure I am able to contact you). To gain a second entry to the draw share your idea for a silly game idea in your comment or place a link to this giveaway on your blog or website.

The details
How to enter1. Leave a comment on this post.

Further Options
2. For a further 1 entry each, either a.) Share your idea for a silly game in your comment or b.) Place a link (http://thefurtheradventuresofathriftymrs.blogspot.com/2010/11/chocolate-week-cadbury-chocolate-hamper.html  – feel free to use a URL shortener as long as it links to this page) to this post on your blog/facebook/twitter (in a post or sidebar, which ever suits you best). Or both!
3. Please let me know if you’ve done any extras and how many.
4. You must comment to enter, other steps cannot be counted if you  have not commented on this post to let me know which further steps you have taken.

The rules:1. Compition open to UK residents only2. The compition closes at 11:59pm (GMT) and will be drawn on .The winner will be chosen randomly by random.org4. If the winner does not reply to organiser emails within two weeks, I reserve the right to pick another random winner.
TTFN and good luck!

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