Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Are you set to hit a Halloween party over the weekend or next week? Are you desperately in need of a cheap Halloween costume at the last minute? I’ve found some of the best cheap Halloween costumes on the web – not all of them are scary because I know you’re a big bunch of wusses.

Some of these are for small folk, some for adults but use your imagination and make it suit you.

I hope they’re helpful.

Cheap and easy Halloween costumes


1. No sew spider web cape

2. Cereal Killer costume

3. Blanket Jabba

4. Zip-faced zombie

5. Cheap Frankenstein costume

6. Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds costume

7. Really easy skeleton costume (inc free printables)

8. Cheap mummy costume

9. Wednesday Addams

10 & 11. Chucky / Bride of Chucky costumes

Not really spooky

but just be like ‘oh yeah I’m a zombie xyz’ and you’re sorted.

11. Crazy cat lady

12. Scarecrow costume in 30 mins or less

13. Pan Am air hostess costume

14. How to make a shark fin

15. LEGO costume using recycled materials

16. Bacon and eggs

17. Orange is the new black costume

18. Guinness costume

19. Grumpy cat costume

20. Jelly bean costume

21. DIY scuba diver costume

22. Holly Golightly costume

23. Troll doll costume

24. Despicable Me Minion costume

25. Banksy costume

26. Mary Poppins costume

Quick tip: If you decide to go as something decidedly unspooky and some prat is all ‘ugh maaaan that isn’t even scary’ spray fart spray on him and be like ‘yeah I’m an air hostess…with haunted bowels, y’pranny’, then smile sweetly and make your way to the vodka.

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P.S. Have a great weekend.

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