Cheap Hayfever Tablets

Cheap Hayfever Tablets

I seem to spend the warmer months with a tissue at my nose running back and forth to the chemist to buy hayfever tablets. My hayfever used to be far worse, thankfully it has eased off in recent years, however I still need to take a hayfever tablet each day at this time of year and some days I need something a bit stronger. When stocking up on tablets a week or so ago I noticed these cheap hayfever tablets in Tesco for 80p, checked all of the ingredients and popped a couple of packets in my basket. These don’t stand up to heavy pollen days but they’re a good basic and help me through a medium-strong pollen day. I just thought I’d give them a quick mention incase they are of use to any of you.

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Obviously I am not a medical professional of any kind and this just something which has worked for me. Please check the ingredients and if needs be check with your doctor before taking them because as with every medication all tablets carry a risk. This post nor any other on A Thrifty Mrs constitutes medical advice.

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If you have any recommendations for cheap hayfever tablets then please do shout.

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