Car Maintenance Checklist For The Summer Season

Car Maintenance Checklist For The Summer Season

For most car owners, the summer season is usually marked with vacations, adventure and outdoor fun & entertainment. However, if you want to perform any of the aforementioned activities, you have to ensure that you have a well-functioning car or a vehicle. 

Therefore, to assist you in your summer endeavour, we at the best driving school in Birmingham, have created a small car maintenance checklist that you should absolutely follow to ensure that your car stays ready for service.

Summer Time Car Maintenance Checklist

  • The Engine

The overall condition of your car engine will either make or break your summertime plans. That’s the reason why we’d suggest getting your car engine checked up before the summer season arrives so that there are no issues when driving your vehicle. Moreover, you should also proceed to replace any filters if necessary, such as air filters, fuel filters and so on. 

Filters generally get clogged over time, which is why replacing them might be a great idea indeed. 

  • The Air Conditioning

No car owner wants to drive a vehicle in the summer season if there’s not a functional air conditioner inside the car. Therefore, it’s vital to tune up the air conditioner of your car before the summer season arrives. Ensure that the filters are clean and the air conditioner is working as it should. 

  • The System Fluids

Your car holds a lot of different types of fluids that help in the functioning of the entire system. Unless you’re driving an electric car, your vehicle should have brake fluids, engine fluids, windshield wiper fluids and so on. When you use your car over an extended period, these fluids get depleted and contaminants get mixed, leading to a drop in the car’s overall performance. 

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If you want to avail the top-most performance from your vehicle, then it’s important to change and replenish these fluids before the onset of the summer season. 

  • The Tyres

When you settle in for a long road trip, your car requires great tyres to drive safely in bad weather Otherwise, you’ll face difficulties in the middle of the road. Therefore, it’s essential to check the tread condition on each of the tyres of your car. Ensure that you have enough life left in them. However, if you find the tread quality below the acceptable limits, then it’s better to purchase new tyres altogether. 

New tyres will provide you with better car control on the road and will be responsible for minimising any road accidents

And that brings us to the end of our comprehensive guide. We hope you enjoyed our suggestions and in case you want to learn driving from the best professionals in Birmingham, then feel free to contact us.