Brynjar Leifsson is so much of Us : 10 Lesser Known Facts A Superfan Must Know

Brynjar Leifsson is so much of Us : 10 Lesser Known Facts A Superfan Must Know

We always wonder how things are for a superstar, and when we find out they have the same interests as we have, we feel connected. Brynjar Leifsson, the lead guitarist from the popular indie-folk Icelandic band- ‘Of Monsters and Men’ is so much like us. From loving food cooked by his mother to be grateful for having a job, Brynjar is no different from a common person, apart from being a renowned guitarist in the world!!!

Interesting facts about Brynjar and ‘Of Monsters and Men’ Band

Born on 11 September 1990 in Keflavik, Iceland, the guitarists have some amazing stories to share. Let’s explore –

During their first studio album ‘My Head Is An Animal’ ( late 2011 ), they were all working or in school and had to pay to start their album. But fortunately, the debut album worked wonders and acclaimed international recognition. The single track from the album- ‘Little Talks’ was featured among the top 10 songs in Europe and ranked No.1 in Ireland & Iceland.

He is a complete Beatles fan. The Beatles was the first album he purchased, and he won’t miss out on the opportunity to watch ‘Help’ from the iconic band. Well, the song is one of our favorites too. Isn’t it?

The super talented guitarists have expertise in Baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar and loves to play melodica and tambourine too.

Everyone comes up with super-amazing tattoo ideas, but when asked about the circle tattoo he and his band members have, we didn’t get the answer. Wonder what a circle on the arm means? A closed space or a limited universe. Don’t know what it represents.

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Brynjar Leifsson has also made a guest appearance in Game of Throne’s sixth season. He can be seen playing music along with other four musicians for ‘The Bloody Hand’.

Apart from being a musician, Brynjar aims to be a pilot. He has been taking flying lessons from his brother, who is a pilot. He is also a pilot student at Keilir Aviation Academy. A great idea to travel with his band members and save flight cost 🙂

Imagine how we would feel if the great guitarist says Hi to us at a concert. The feeling can’t be expressed in words. Celebrities do have a starstruck moment. Brynjar recalls an incident where they met the glamorous actor Cameron Diaz, and she recognized them.

Do you know what’s the greatest fear of Brynjar? His band drummer- Arnar. Well, annoying friends should always be in every group. Right?

The Guitarist loved his city and hometown the most and found Keflavik the best place on earth. Even his favorite bar is Faktory in Reykjavik, Iceland. Whenever he found time from his work, Brynjar goes home, no matter how long the travel distance is. The comfort offered by Jet2 flights is relaxing- Brynjar said.

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