Brow Lamination Is The Cheaper (And Better?) Alternative To Microblading


Rewind to 2018, and the world was obsessed by perfectly sculpted, HD eyebrows. The boy brow has replaced the HD brow, which was popularized a year later. It’s bold, but it’s also natural, more natural, and fluffy – we’re low-key obsessed.

The bad news is? The bad news? Not everyone #is #blessed with thick, fluffy eyebrows. Good news! Brow Lamination in Saskatoon is a semi-permanent treatment that creates fuller, thicker eyebrows. It can be done for as little as eight weeks. We spoke with Katie Humphreys, a brow-lamination expert from the House Of Beauty in the UK. Here are the details:

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination, the latest brow-enhancing technique on Instagram, is truly stunning. This treatment tints and reworks your natural brow hairs, giving them a fuller shape. Katie says, “This treatment will give you a uniform, full-brow shape. The goal is natural, fluffy brows .We don’t want to make your brows look unnatural.

Katie explains that to achieve this natural full effect, the brows must be brushed in a manner where each hair grows in the same direction. Then, we shape the hairs to make a natural arch. Katie says it is suitable for almost all skin types. However, a patch test must be done before any treatment to ensure that there are no reactions or irritations.

How Brow Lamination Works

The process involves straightening the eyebrow hairs with a chemical solution to ensure they are in the right direction. Katie says this will create a full and fluffy brow shape that lasts up to eight weeks.

See the entire process of brow lamination in

Katie outlined exactly what to expect when you attempt brow lamination.

Step 1 “To begin the treatment, we clean the eyebrows thoroughly to reveal the natural brow. Next, I and the client will discuss what shape and appearance we are looking for.

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Step 2 “Next, we apply the London Brow Step 1 Brow Lift cream. This is left on for approximately. Depending on how dense the hair is, it may feel a little uncomfortable, but it should last for no more than five minutes. Brow Lift Cream helps to soften the hair and allows us to shape them in a new direction.

Step 3 “Secondly we apply the London Brow Step 2 neutralizing crème to reconstitute hair structure.”

4: “Last, we apply a tint using wax and thread to achieve the desired shape and color.”

Appointment for Post-Brow Lamination

Katie states that the treatment will leave your brows looking very smooth with a wet look. The wet look will last for 24 hours, and can be washed once it has dried. Applying a brow gel, or serum can give you that glossy look.

There are some things you should avoid after semi-permanent treatment. Katie suggests that you avoid hot showers for 24 hours and not exercise until they dry completely. She says that after the first 24 hours, you can wash your face with any favorite products. This will not affect the shape of your brows.

What is the cost of Brow Lamination?

Microblading can cost you anywhere from $300-$600. Brow lamination, however, is usually only $50-60.


Katie says that House Of Beauty provides a nourishing serum for clients to apply to their brows after treatment. This helps to keep the brow hairs hydrated. You can also use natural remedies to maintain brow health, like coconut oil and castor oils.” Castor oil is a great oil that helps stimulate growth. Apply a thin layer of castor oil to your brows with a Q-tip before going to bed.

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