Brogue Makeover

Brogue Makeover

Ooh new shoes, well kinda. I picked up these white Primark brogues from a bootsale for 50p, about a month back but they just hadn’t worked with any outfit I tried them with. They look a bit, ummm, Reebok classic and that’s not the look I personally plump for. So rather than chuck them to eBay I  decided to give them a quick and easy makeover.

How to Give your Brogues a Makeover

What you Will Need:

– Some cheap or thrifted brogues
– An old eyeshadow sponge applicator (I never use these for their intended use and yet every product seems to come with at least one)
– Small paintbrush
– Waterproof, multipurpose acyrlic craft paint – I used this one which is a bargain on the ol’ bay of e.
– Sandpaper/emery board


1. Remove the laces.

2. Very (and I mean VERY) lightly sand the areas you’d like to paint.

3. Give the shoes a good wipe down & to remove and grit from the sanding. Allow to dry naturally.

4. Dip the eyeshadow applicator into your paint, wipe off any excess then run it along the edges of the area you’d like to colour.

5. Paint the remainder of the area with your paint brush. You may need several coats with drying in between stages. Mine needed 3 even coats.

6. Allow to dry fully.

7. Buff off (VERY LIGHTLY) some of the paint to give them a worn in look – if you want.

8. Put your laces back in or replace with good strength ribbon.

9. Wear with aplomb.

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