LOOK: 8 Breitling Watch Collections To Check

LOOK: 8 Breitling Watch Collections To Check

You may be wondering why the Breitling company is so popular among luxury watch collectors. The truth is, the Swiss brand Breitling has been around since 1884, so it’s no surprise that there are so many collections that its fans can crave nowadays. But what exactly are its fans drawn to? The Breitling founder Leon Breitling envisioned making watches that could measure precisely the speed achieved in sports, particularly aviation. At the time, the aviation industry was in its infancy but Leon could tell that this was where the future of his profession was going. So he focused on making a stopwatch that could measure the speed of flight.

In 1923, the company introduced into the market the first watch that had a chronograph pusher. It was considered an innovation since, at that time, speed could only be measured by rotating the winding crown of a stopwatch. Then, in 1934, the company came up with a watch that had a second chronograph pusher. This new feature allowed a stopwatch to be reset back to zero. These two innovations were considered milestones for the watchmaking industry at that time. Maybe Breitling fans are always looking for just that right touch of innovation to add sparks to their love of sports. And Breitling watches just may provide that particular spark.

Check Out These Watch Collections!

Here are examples of the eight Breitling watch collections that you can find on The Watch Company website. You may find it hard to make your choice among these since they all look so dynamic and sought after. Do take a closer look at each collection then to see why they are sought-after luxury watches.

  • The Professional Collection

Among the many watches in this collection, it is the Emergency wristwatch that calls your attention. For one thing, it is made all in black while the other wristwatches have eye-catching colors. The second feature that you may be attracted to is its dual-frequency distress beacon. That means if you get into an accident you can send out a distress signal through the 121.5 MHz and the 406 MHz frequencies. This makes it the right watch for people who are going on extreme adventures.

  • The Navitimer Collection

The Navitimer B01 Chronograph 46 watch features a Breitling 91 Manufacture caliber and circular aviation slide-rule which pilots may find necessary for flying. The power reserve can last an impressive estimated 70 hours. This does qualify as a luxury watch since it has 47 jewels embedded in it.

  • The Navitimer 8 Collection

The best word to describe this Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43 watch upon first glance is “beautiful” – because it is. It has an estimated power reserve of 70 hours which is impressive for a luxury watch. It also has a self-winding mechanical movement. This watch evokes echoes of the Breitling past which is partly why it is so attractive.

  • The Superocean Collection

The Superocean Automatic 48 was made specifically for athletes who like to dive and dive deep. It features a self-winding mechanical watch movement. Its power reserve lasts for up to around 38 hours. Yes, it counts as a luxury watch since there are also 25 jewels embedded in it.

  • The Superocean Heritage Collection
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This is one watch to which you can give double duties: first, as a dress watch, and second, as a tough chronograph for oceanic adventures. Either way, the Superocean Heritage B01 Chronograph 44 Limited Edition will probably make fans clamor for successive batches. Alas, there are only 500 pieces for this Limited Edition collection.

  • The Avenger Collection

This particular watch model, the Avenger Automatic MT 45 Night Mission Limited Edition, does stand out because there are only 2000 of these the company produced. The case itself is lightweight yet tough enough to take on practically any extreme adventure outcome. It has a Breitling 32 caliber and self-winding mechanical movement.

  • The Chronomat Collection

Just when you thought you’d never encounter another Limited Edition watch, here comes one chronograph that changes it all. The Chronomat B01 42 Frecce Tricolori Limited Edition watch takes inspiration from the 1983 chronograph commissioned back then for the Italian aerial fleet. It boasts of an estimated 70 hours of power reserve. To show you how prized this Limited Edition collection is, the company only made 250 pieces.

  • The Premier Collection

As a way to cap off a glance at so many great watches, here comes the Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley Centenary Limited Edition. It is a collectible dress watch because it is made of 18k Red Gold, but it doesn’t stop there. The power reserve of this self-winding mechanical watch stands at an estimated 70 hours while sporting a Breitling 01 Manufacture movement. The perfect wristwatch to wear when you know all eyes in the room are on you, and you need to impress.

Learn About the Straps Too

If you thought that’s all the company can dish out, take note that the company also makes durable straps that you can easily attach to your preferred Breitling collectible watch. There are rubber, leather, and Econyl fabric straps. Sometimes, when you’re ready for a minor change, you can attach an alternative strap to your Breitling watch. So others may think that you have a completely different watch yet all you did is switch straps. Makes sense?


If you think about it, Breitling watches are a sound investment for anyone. Even rich folk know that a genuine Breitling is something to be awed about simply because its technical features are impressive. The mere mention of the brand name may cause raised eyebrows all around. 

Of course, it also depends on who is wearing the watch. But improving your reputation comes with embarking on many adventures over time. Just don’t forget to buy the right powerhouse Breitling watch for your next adventure. That way, you’ll have more fascinating stories to tell your cronies about over dinner next time. If you want to buy your own watch, you can check out The Watch Company!