Bored In Lockdown? Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets!

Bored In Lockdown? Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets!

Cleaning and reorganizing is a great way to destress especially during a time like this. Being stuck inside can be stressful for everyone and picking up hobbies or deep cleaning parts of your home can help keep you busy and distract you. Below we’re going to walk through some different ways you could reorganize your kitchen cabinets, helpful tips on how to organize and even some tools to help make your cabinets more organized generally speaking.

Where to Start

Once you decide to organize your kitchen cabinets the first thing you want to do is decide how. By this we mean are your items in the cabinets that you want them in. This would be the perfect time to rearrange your cabinets to better suit you when you’re working in the kitchen. Once you know what you want to put where you can plan accordingly. Clean out those cabinets in that specific order so that putting things away and organizing them will be easier for you in the long run.

Clean Them Out

Once you know your game plan you want to start by unloading the cabinets. You want to empty out everything, not just a few things. You want the cabinet to be completely empty. This way you can really see what all you have. Sometimes we tuck stuff back and completely forget it’s even there. This allows you to really see what you have and make the decision to decide what you want to keep or even get rid of.

Once you have everything removed from the cabinet you want to clean out the cabinet. Wipe them down, ensure they’re clean before putting everything back in. To help keep the cabinets clean you can line them. This can also help to ensure you plates or cups can’t easily be moved when you reach in for something.

Overall Organization

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets you clearly want to have things in a strategic place. You want all of your seasonings together, all of you cans together. This makes finding things within your kitchen ten times easier. There are things that you can purchase to help keep things organized. Get a container for all of your season packets such as taco seasoning, premixes for gravy or roast. Putting things in containers all’s you to quickly pull it out, grab what you need and then put it back.

Turntables are another great tool you can use in your cabinets. They allow you to see everything simply by turning it. This makes finding things and getting them easier. Typically you load stuff into your cabinet and then pull things out to try to find what you need. With the turntable you can easily and quickly find what you need without pulling everything out.

Label Your Containers

Another great way to keep things organized is to label your containers. Ideally getting the same size or style containers can help you get the most space out of your cabinets. You can easily then stack them and get the most use from them. Labeling them makes it even easier. You don’t have to go through different boxes or containers in your cabinets but instead simply open the door, find the label you need and get it out.

Make The Most Out Of The Space You Have

This goes along with getting sets of containers for your food. However it’s also important to recognize that some things can be stored vertically and this will also help to ensure you get the most of your space. The perfect example of this are your cookie sheets or lids to your pans. These can be bulky or awkward which can make them hard to store. However if stored vertically you can fit more in less space then if you simply laid them out. There’s lots of options of things you can purchase to help store these items. An example is a roll out lid holder. You can find these even on Amazon. They carry in price, and you can get different styles depending on where you wish to store them.

We hope these tips and helpful hints will ensure you have the best organized kitchen on your street.

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