I’m really sorry to do this to you but I’m about to make you really jealous*. This weekend I bought a Blockbusters board game in a charity shop for 50p. I know, right? This is up there with the day Mr Thrifty found Gazza! The Game and you all cried strong, salty tears. This game is a fine tribute for an exceptional childhood television show.

Finding obscure, long forgotten games has become something of a challenge because 90% of them have several pieces missing and playing Coronation Street! The Game (I don’t think this is real but if it is can someone please let me know) without Rita would just be wrong. However when we find a great game we’ll cast aside all other plans, grab some beer, invite over some friends and play well into the early hours.

Some kind soul even valued the hard work of the late, great Bob Holness and alphabetised the questions meaning we could play as soon as we got home and the beer was suitably cold.

50p well spent, I say.

*Not really.

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P.S. Can I have P please Bob? There you go, you were wondering how long that would take weren’t you?

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