Blackberry Picking

Blackberry Picking

I love food and what can be better than free food?
Bushes in this country are heavily laden with blackberries or brambles (depending on where you are in the country) at this time of the year for both us and the birds to feast upon. So get out there and get picking those blackberries, all this rain we’ve had recently seems to have given us a bumper crop again this year, there’s plenty to go around.

-My Blackberry Picking Tips

1. Wear something you don’t mind getting snagged, stained or even ripped. I’ve ripped many a skirt on a bramble bush.
2. Cover your arms too, I’m covered in scratches on my arms as soon as I get near a blackberry.
3. Only pick the ripe ones. I know it should go without saying but whilst out at the weekend I saw a lot of people picking berries that weren’t yet ready. Leave them on the bush for someone else or come back when they are ripe.
4. Pick the higher up ones, they’re less likely to have met with dog wee.
5. Avoid roadside berries, they’ll be a bit car fume-y.
6. Wear stable shoes, you may need to climb about a little bit to access the best spot. Mr Thrifty wore his birkies and was feasted upon by ants and nearly slid down a bank into a river.
7. Take a container with you. I take plastic pots or tins with me if I know I’m going out bramble picking but I also keep a ziplock bag in my handbag incase I’m passing a bush full of berries.
8. Take something to wipe your hands on. Blackberry juice will stain hands and clothes so if you’re a bit of a fusspot like my friend Clara, you might even like to take an apron to wear, be prepared for funny looks though.

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